NCAA Second-Round Action: Part II

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 22, 2008

So what have we learned?

UCLA had a championship performance tonight.  Quit scoffing.  95 percent of the teams in Division I would have been waving white flags down by ten to a rising Aggies squad.  The Bruins forsook their pretty Southern California roots and got down and nasty.  Kevin Love sent orders back with the fury of a cranky food critic.  If I'm an NBA GM and I need a big man I take Love over Beasley.

Trent Johnson has to let certain things go.  He could have cost his team the game but the immovable objects known as Sideshow Bob and Cyril saved his butt.  Cyril (played to perfection by Brook Lopez) got one foot in the paint and scored at will on Marquette.  Once again Jerel McNeal was lights out for the Eagle Warriors.

Kalin Lucas may change the focus of Michigan State.  The Big Ten is made up of lumbering oxen but Lucas is the cheetah feasting on their carcasses.  Together with Raymar Morgan they could make a fearsome due in '09.  Of course the 300 are still going thanks to Neitzel's re-emergence, and it's not like he'll be forgotten.  But Lucas is an exciting player to watch.

Don't have to much say about Kansas - they had an easy time with a decent UNLV squad that found it doesn't have to wage open battle with the NCAA (what do you mean I can't recruit illiterate convicted felons?) to have a strong program. 

And lastly, kudos to Washington State for shutting down the entire Irish squad to one point over 40.  Harangody gathered more loose acorns than a hopped-up squirrel but he had plenty of missed shots to choose from. 

So aside from the one-seeds, I didn't have a single pick right today.  Wow.