New Championship Winning System Abandoned!

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

The new points system which see's the WDC awarded to the driver with the most wins has been abandoned for the 2009 season. This comes as the pressure from drivers and team bosses has grown, with Lewis, Luca, Alonso, Button, Schumacher, and Webber all complaining about the 'winner-takes all.'

An official FIA statement read: "On Mar. 17, the FIA World Motor Sport Council unanimously rejected FOTA's proposed amendment to the points system for the Formula One Drivers Championship."

"The 'winner-takes-all' proposal made by the commercial rights holder (Bernie Ecclestone, who had been told the teams were in favour) was then approved.

"If, for any reason, the Formula One teams do not now agree with the new system, its implementation will be deferred until 2010."

With FOTA rejecting the new system, it has now been deferred until 2010.