What Has Happened to Former Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver, Marvin Harrison?

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 20, 2009

Former Indianapolis Colts star wide receiver Marvin Harrison has been out of the spotlight for some time. As you might have already known, he asked for his release after failing to accept a pay cut that would have saved the team room in the salary cap.

The Colts granted Harrison's wish out of respect and, since that time, nobody has heard a word from or about him.

Since Harrison has never been one who enjoyed being in the public eye, I wasn't shocked that we didn't hear anything from him during the first few days of free agency. But days turned into weeks, and I wouldn't be too surprised if weeks turned into months.

Marvin Harrison is having very difficult time finding a new home.

My first thought would be that the issue is about money.

Although I'm not certain regarding the details, many speculated that even with the pay cut Indianapolis offered him, he still would have been making more money then if he decided to test the free agent market.

It's hard, most teams do not have a huge desire to sign a 36 year old wide receiver, coming off of two knee surgeries in 2008 who's production has been split in half (even when playing with Peyton Manning), who wants to be paid like he's 26.

I don't intend this statement to be any insult against Harrison, whom I respect a great deal. I'm just trying to be realistic and I feel that Harrison's decision to test free agency was one that will not prove to be beneficial.

If he hasn't already, he will soon learn that he will not be able to earn as much money as he once thought possible. Although people might attack Harrison for having his financial desires being put in front of his former team, this is real life and I understand Harrison's dilemma.

For the longest time, he was one of the most productive receivers in football. He worked very hard to earn that new contract that paid him so much that he would have counted $13.4 million dollars against the salary cap in 2009. He didn't ask to get badly injured, he didn't ask for physical damage and age to take it's toll.

So he very well might feel like the moment his production began to decline, the team tried to take away the salary he worked so hard to earn.

I personally feel that waiting out the situation in 2007 and letting him play all of 2008 was a fair amount of time to see where he was at. There were Colts fans crying to cut or trade Harrison during last year's offseason.

Regardless of where one might stand regarding the financial aspects of Harrison's future, the fact is that as of today, not only is he no longer an Indianapolis Colt but he has not managed to land with any other team.

Meanwhile, the public has little to no idea regarding where he might land. I've heard speculation regarding Baltimore, Tennessee, and Jacksonville but no lead has proven to be solid as of yet.

Should the Colts take Harrison back if he has the desire?

I'd say yes, but under our own financial terms at this point.

The team has moved on with the mindset that Harrison will no longer be playing with us. We've also treated our salary cap situation as such. I'd suggest having Harrison take a big pay cut this season and if he somehow managed to regain prior form during the course of 2009, then I would offer him some sort of financial incentive for 2010 if he still wanted to remain active.

Where is Marvin Harrison?

That's a great question that  unfortunately has no answer as of the moment. I'll be certain to keep you all posted when I new information becomes available.