Torii Hunter's Return "Home" to the Dome

Kevin BrinkertContributor IMarch 22, 2008

As Spring Training winds down, teams are looking to make that last second adjustment that will help land them in the World Series. The Minnesota Twins, however, are looking more towards facing ex-Twin, Torii Hunter.

In the off-season, Hunter signed with the Anaheim Angels. This should be one of the most watched Opening Day games. The Angels will visit the Metrodome on March 31,2008. The game can be seen on ESPN2. 

I don't think the Minnesota Twins fans should boo Torii Hunter. Torii is one of the best outfielders in the MLB. He did a lot for the Twins organization.

To be honest, Torii Hunter is the reason why I became a Twins fan myself. I always looked up to him when I was younger and I wanted to be like him. It doesn't matter what team he plays for now—if you're a fan of the game, you still respect what each player can do.

I just watched the Philadelphia 76ers play the Nuggets the other day. Allen Iverson, who plays for the Denver Nuggets now, returned back to Philadelphia where he had many great seasons. He showed much love to the fans of Philly and they cheered for him. This is exactly what I think the Minnesota Twins fans should do when Torii returns.