Washington Wizards Bring Josh Morgan Fame to Some Random Fan

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 26, 2012

Photo Credit: Washington Post
Photo Credit: Washington Post

One lucky fan was a Washington Redskins wide receiver for all of a few seconds. At least, according to the Wizards he was. 

The Washington Post (h/t SportsGrid) spotted a few celebrities at the most recent rash of home games. Being that the team is 0-11, the celebrities they reported on were of course relegated to "D.C. sports personalities."

The list included the likes of Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, United Coach Ben Olsen, and Redskins Kedric Golston and Ryan Kerrigan. 

Again, not the kind of list that would garner national attention, until you consider the silly gaffe made by the lone franchise without a win this season. 

First up is Redskins receiver Josh Morgan, pictured here. 

Then comes this guy who was referred to as Josh Morgan—but really isn't—pictured here. 

The Washington Post report issues both Golston and Kerrigan received proper respect on the Jumbotron. 

When it came to Morgan, they splashed some random fan on the screen, not that Morgan cared much. He stated, "That was funny. People keep wanting to take their picture with him."

I love it. 

His expression is priceless. Werd, so I'm Josh Morgan. 

Forget the fact Morgan couldn't get any love in his own town or that the Wizards prove hapless in yet another manner. 

You have one fan who no doubt struggled with actually going to the Wizards game, as we have noticed most fans have started doing. By showing up, he gets the greatest treat possible, NFL fame. 

I imagine it nearly made up for being a Wizards fan for a hot second. 


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