Why Is Potential Julius Peppers to Patriots Trade Losing Steam?

Luke BrandeContributor IApril 6, 2017

Recently, Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, told the media that a potential trade for Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers may be further from fruition than originally thought.

The trade rumor, which surfaced on NFL.com, stated the Patriots would send the 34th overall pick, which they received from the Chiefs for Matt Cassel, to the Panthers in return for Julius Peppers. That deal, however, which seemed great at first, has begun to slip through the cracks.

Recently Peppers' agent Carl Carey told USA Today that "several teams" have contacted him about Peppers, but not the Patriots. This makes sense though.

In his career, Peppers has established himself as one of the top defensive ends in the NFL. If one were to trade for Peppers, it would likely be a barn-buster deal, a la Jared Allen to the Vikings last year, and has anyone heard anything from the Panthers on this trade?  The truth is, while Peppers is an elite player, the Patriots don't want or need him.

Currently the Patriots have two stellar defensive ends in Richard Seymour and Ty Warren, and much more glaring needs at other positions such as cornerback. 

With the 34th overall pick, the Pats should at least be able to pick up a valuable cornerback or defensive end, if they haven't already done so in the first round. With that in mind, making the deal for Peppers makes much less sense than originally thought.