FOTA: Points Change Is Invalid

Billy SextonAnalyst IMarch 20, 2009

In a shocking statement, FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) have claimed that the points change for the 2009 is invalid.

FOTA themselves proposed the 12-9-7-5-4-3-2-1 points change suggestion, only to have it rejected by the World Motorsports Council on Tuesday.

They now claim that the "wins decide champion" system cannot be legally implemented for the 2009 because not all teams agree on the change. In a statement they said that;

"...was not performed in accordance with the procedure provided for by Appendix 5 of the Sporting Regulations is too late for FIA to impose a change for the 2009 season that has not obtained the unanimous agreement of all the competitors properly entered into the 2009 Formula 1 Championship."

We also learn that a statement for rule changes has to be published at least 20 days before the closing date for season applicants; this is clearly not the case with the new points system change.

Although FOTA are willing to work in partnership with the FIA in suggesting and applying a new points system for the 2010 season, they are adamant that the change cannot be applied for the, upcoming, 2009 season.