Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Suffers Brutally Awkward Handshake Fail

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 26, 2012

From the land of things that are hardly important but still very much necessary to point out, Jerry Jones doesn't know how to give proper daps. 

I know, we should all find the best ways to grieve personally. 

Thanks to Hot Clicks who spotted this video, we have yet another reason to make fun of the Cowboys until their next football game. 

It features Jerry Jones who is visibly proud of his Cowboys who fought valiantly on Thanksgiving but eventually lost to the Redskins, 38-31. 

In the midst of a successful play, Jones is offered a fist from one of his pals/colleagues/underlings. He takes a quick glance at the pitiful sight and no doubt thinks, in my day a man offered you an open hand and provided a good, sturdy handshake. 

Well, this ain't your day. Everyone from your BFF to your barista wants to give daps with a fist, making it rather hilarious that Jones had no idea what this gesture was. 

Some people call it knucks, which is just pounding fists. Which reminds me. Around my neck of the woods, we like to refer to the gesture as octothorpes to bring the proper level of sophistication to the mix. 

It seems the rest of Jones' boys have no idea what this new gesture is, because after the owner shakes the closed fist, another high-fives it. 

It was a sad day for random gestures of celebration. 

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