Lions Trading Suh Would Be Missing the Point & More NFC North News

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2012

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 22:  Ndamukong Suh #90 of the Detroit Lions adjusts his face mask while playing the Houston Texans at Ford Field on November 22, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. Houston won the game 34-31. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press is always good for an old-man rant of outrage once or twice a week. This week, he's fed up with Ndamukong Suh and believes the team should trade the defensive tackle before his rookie contract is up.

On the surface, this is ridiculous. First of all, Sharp makes Suh out to be the—his words—"albatross around the Lions' neck." 

Sharp doesn't actually support that statement, other than in terms of contract issues which aren't Suh's fault. It's not Suh's problem that the Lions have had cap issues for some time because of some poor front office decisions. Nor is it his problem that he could command more money than they can pay.

Sharp brings up Matt Stafford as a reason why, and that makes no sense either as Stafford is under contract until 2015. Now, perhaps he's concerned that in 2015, if Suh asks for and receives a big contract, they won't be able to retain Stafford.

However if you're going to blame someone here, blame Calvin Johnson for a ridiculously big contract which eats up a huge chunk of cap space. Or blame Stafford for the $12 million bump he gets this offseason.

Or blame the front office for some bad contracts in general.

Just don't blame Suh because the Lions dumped tremendous amounts of cash into two players already.

Now, Sharp does lament Suh's lack of good sense and big plays. That's valid. Suh has to learn some control on the field, he just has to. He may have skated on his alleged kick to Matt Schaub's groin but the fact that he's in that position yet again, a year after the last time, is inexcusable.

He also needs to start having a larger impact on the field of play. He has an impact, sure, just not worthy of his draft slot. The Lions need more from him.

Ultimately, if Sharp or the Lions are concerned with suspensions or stupidity on the field, they can put clauses in the contract to protect themselves. Suh's play—or lack of huge impact plays—should also keep his demands in the realm of reasonable.

Trading him, on the other hand, seems unreasonable to me. Primarily because with his reputation and issues with the league, you won't get fair value for him. I suppose you can say something is better than nothing, but I still contend the Lions will make this work if they want to.

The Lions and Suh can fix this and if you want to point fingers about discipline, why isn't Sharp pointing one at Jim Schwartz? Answer: because Suh is a popular and easy target.

If you don't like the perceptions that the inmates run the asylum, maybe you need to ask what the guy in charge is doing to allow it to happen.

Suh needs to be held accountable, yes.

At some point, so does his boss.

On to the rest of the NFC North.


Chicago Bears

Kevin Seifert from ESPN's NFC North blog puts together three things he learned from the Bears' win over the Vikings and one thing he still can't wrap his head around.

Jay Cutler agrees he needs to be smarter than he was in getting that taunting penalty on Sunday, according to the folks at ESPN Chicago.

The Tribune's Vaughn McClure writes about the chaos that is the battered Chicago offensive line. McClure also says Charles Tillman appears to have a chipped bone in his foot, but should be able to play through it.


Detroit Lions

According to Gillan Van Stratt of, ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski thinks the only way Ndamukong Suh's groin kick was on purpose is if he was a practitioner of the ancient art of Ninjitsu.

While the Lions battle on the football field, Jerome Harrison has been battling in the doctor's office.'s Anwar Richardson talks about Harrison's fight to recover from a brain tumor

Over at the Detroit News, Johnny Niyo says the Lions have to stop pretending they're the smartest guys in the room and then acting like the dumbest.


Green Bay Packers's Brian Carriveau says the Packers need to find a way to cover for their problems to make it back to the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Bob McGinn gives out some grades from the Giants-Packers game over at the Journal-Sentinel.

The Press-Gazette's Rob Demovsky says the offense needs Greg Jennings back to get things in order. I was unaware he was an offensive tackle.


Minnesota Vikings

Tom Pelissero is back again with his weekly tape breakdown over at 1500 ESPN.

Head Coach Leslie Frazier says Adrian Peterson missing the team bus is a big deal, according to the Star-Tribune's Mark Craig.

According to Bob Sansevere of the Pioneer Press, former Vikings linebacker Pete Bercich says the Vikings have to head into 2013 with a viable alternative to Christian Ponder.


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