Indianapolis Colts vs. Detroit Lions: Preview and Predictions

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistNovember 26, 2012

Andrew Luck has had a great rookie season. Matt Stafford is floundering through his season after an incredible 2011.

Which guy steps up this week will go a long way towards determining the outcome of this game.

Stafford has the luxury of a fantastic defense to harass his counterpart on the opposite side of the field, but you can make the argument that he's squandered that all season long.

Luck has done a tremendous job with an aging wide receiver, a low-round rookie wideout and a pair of first-year tight ends. Stafford has had to deal with key injuries as well as attitude among his receivers, and until recently a lackluster ground game to boot.

It will come down to that front seven from Detroit though. They have to get after Luck.

How can the Colts stop them? Can the Lions stop the Colts and Andrew Luck?

Josh Zerkle, Matt Miller and myself take a stab at the answers in this video.


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