WWE Rumor Mill (March 20)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IMarch 20, 2009

Hi, people and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill
Let's get started, shall we?

WrestleMania XXV

Still no plans for ECW Championship at WrestleMania XXV, as rumor has it Vince doesn’t feel Jack Swagger is ready for live television quite yet. This is a shame, as I was really hoping to see Swagger defend his title against Evan Bourne.

And with ECW hosting an all-Diva special to promote the 25-Diva Battle Royal next week, we wont be seeing much of Swagger.

Unless he decides to dress in drag to join the Divas brrr...*shudder* Let's just all pray for a dark match.

Speculation :
WWE has put another three-hour edition of RAW on the television schedule.
The June 15 show in Charlotte, N.C. will come just over two months after the three-hour WWE Draft Special on April 13.
Only one thing comes to mind: King Of The Ring,

Any ideas, people?

Hall of Fame

Koko B. Ware's comments on his induction at "Who's Slamming Who" Podcast

"I was surprised, but I tell you, I thought I should have been there a long time ago. The thing about it is it still makes you feel good to be recognized. I thought I was already in the Hall of Fame. I thought to myself, 'If they give it to me or not, I'm already there.' Now, this here is the real deal," Ware said.

"I know it's a voting thing or roundtable discussion, but it's just a blessing out of the sky that this time they picked me. My time to shine,"  he added.

Longtime WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel will be also inducted. He is recognized as the first official WWE employee. This man deserves more than just a ring if you ask me, he should be given a medal of honor for the 30 years he has had to put up with Vince.


Rumors have it that Vince is still not thrilled to have Christian in WrestleMania XXV; he was so against it that RAW's head writer Brian Gewirtz had to convince him to let Christian try out for the MITB match.

I really don't get this. If Vince detests Cage so much, then why even sign him?
Come on, Vince, let the past be the past; the prodigal son has returned!

Mr. Kennedy
In a recent Interview with Sky Sports, Kennedy vented about his injury that has prevented him from going to WrestleMania XXV, and of his determination to shut rival MVP up once and for all.

"I am not going to waste my breath on someone who has one of the longest losing streaks in the WWE, and I am not going to take anything that he says about me."

"I was hoping to be cleared from injury to be involved in WrestleMania, but I am not over this shoulder tear so it is frustrating not to be involved," he said.

"It is like going to the Super Bowl and being able to wear a ring but not actually being able to take part.

"I am really upset, but hopefully I'll be fit for when we are back touring the UK in April."

"I would like to be fighting MVP just because of all the trash talk and the stuff that he has said over the last couple of months.

"You don't know how many people I've talked to and it always comes up 'MVP is talking trash.' I would really like to shut him up with a Mic Check (finishing move)."
Full article here

Behind the scenes :
Rumor has it that there is talk about doing a WWE reality TV Show. The two ideas being presented involve either bringing back Tough Enough or doing a version of "Surreal Life" featuring a group of WWE stars from the past living in a house.

Well I can guarantee you that if Vince agrees to the second show, they will feature only successful ex-superstars.

There is No Chance In Hell (excuse the pun) that he will feature any that are down on their luck and would add credibility to the movie “The Wrestler.”

Well that's about it for today, tune in next time for more rumors and gossip.