TNA Gut Check: Does Wes Brisco Deserve an IMPACT Wrestling Contract?

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 25, 2012

This past Thursday, not only was it Thanksgiving, but it was the return of Open Fight Night in IMPACT Wrestling. Alongside Open Fight Night, as usual, is TNA Gut Check.

Gut Check is a way of allowing the opportunity for young, hungry and unsigned talent to showcase their skills on the main stage in IMPACT Wrestling.

Win over the judges after one match and one promo, and this unsigned wrestler may land a spot on the IMPACT Wrestling roster.

Gut Check is setting the stage for future stars to perform; whether they make the cut or not. TNA gives these talents a shot at glory and it's up to them to capitalize and prove themselves to the world.

These wrestlers are given the stage, but they just need to perform. This is their Gut Check.

Wes Brisco, son of Gerald Brisco and nephew of Jack Brisco, was the latest wrestler to get his Gut Check.

Brisco has been wrestling since 2009 and was even signed to a WWE developmental (FCW) contract for two years. During his time in FCW, Brisco became one-half of the Tag Team Champions alongside former TNA star Consequences Creed (Known to FCW fans as Xavier Woods).

For all of 2011, and majority of 2012, Brisco spent his time bouncing around the Indy scene.

While surfing the Indy circuit, Brisco worked with the likes of Sam Shaw, Dakota Darsow, The Headbangers, Andy Leavine and Carlito.

Brisco received his Gut Check after multi-time TNA World Champion Kurt Angle pushed for the judges (Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard, and Taz) to give him the chance.

As we seen, Brisco became the very first Gut Check participant to defeat his TNA opponent, Garett Bischoff.

The match between Brisco and Bischoff has been met with mixed reviews, and the joke going around is that this was also Garett's Gut Check.

Looking back on the match, I like what I saw from Brisco. He's not a small guy, yet pulled off a nice monkey flip and a corkscrew splash kind of move. I also noticed that when the match got rough at times, Bischoff was the one who was a second behind the action.

Bischoff, being the less experienced of the two, was often the one causing some of the confusion and sometimes slow action.

Given a more experienced opponent, I think Brisco's skill would shine through more. However, from what I saw, I personally think Brisco has passed his Gut Check thus far.

He's not too bad in the ring, has some charisma to him and may even have a storyline backing to his Gut Check. After all, many do suspect Brisco of being involved the Aces and Eights group.

Brisco's match wasn't great, but it wasn't necessarily bad, either. He worked with what they gave him and put on an entertaining match; it was at least interesting to me.

When the spotlight comes on, and Wes Brisco stands before the judges, he'll already have my vote.

You can re-watch Wes Brisco's Gut Check from this past Thursday here. Don't forget to tune into IMPACT this Thursday, Nov 29, to see if Wes Brisco will earn a spot on the IMPACT roster.