4 NBA Players We Want as Color Commentators Some Day

Denim MillwardContributor IIINovember 24, 2012

4 NBA Players We Want as Color Commentators Some Day

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    Color commentators are often overlooked but are an integral part of the NBA game-watching experience.

    While great color commentators can make taking in some hoops seem even more entertaining and educating, the worst ones can leave you desperately searching for the mute button on the remote. 

    Former NBA players are natural fits for the color commentator position.  They have a vast knowledge of the game and have a wealth of experience to draw from when explaining the occurrences of any given game. 

    Former NBA players such as Tommy Heinsohn, Sean Elliott, Reggie Miller and Matt Harpring are just a few examples of retired players who transitioned smoothly to commentary. 

    The NBA currently has well over 400 players, which is quite the potential employee pool to draw talent from.

    For my money, here are the four active players I'd most like to have on my commentating team.

Grant Hill

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    The 18-year NBA veteran and two-time national champion at Duke University is an obvious choice for heading to the announcing booth once his storied career is over, which should be sooner rather than later.

    Hill has a tremendous resume and background that would fill his commentating quiver with plenty of interesting tidbits for the booth. 

    In addition to his NBA ad NCAA careers, Hill also survived a life-threatening MRSA infection in 2003.  HIll's mother was also college roommates with former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Hill has the eloquence to spin his experiences into thought-provoking and attention-grabbing stories that relate to any given game he would cover. 

Steve Nash

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    Canada's best export to the U.S. since the Barenaked Ladies, Nash has wowed NBA fans on the court for much longer than anyone would have expected him to. 

    The 38-year-old point guard is currently nursing a knee injury, preventing him from joining the rest of the Lakers on the court and potentially derailing L.A.'s plan to be immediate Western Conference juggernauts.  The time off will certainly give Nash time to think.

    Perhaps he'll consider his life after basketball.

    Nash would be a natural fit on the mic.  He always comes off as intelligent and well-spoken in his interviews, and this point guard's knowledge of the game would greatly behoove him in the booth. 

Kevin Garnett

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    One of the toughest and most disliked players in the game, Garnett's transition from player to announcer isn't a no-brainer, but Garnett would be a great and interesting fit in the commentary role after his playing days are done. 

    Garnett seemingly has never been at a loss for words and would make a valuable asset to an announcing team, provided he's paired with the right partner. 

    Garnett's no-nonsense, pull-no-punches attitude could bring a refreshingly honest look at the game of basketball once he decides his Hall of Fame career has run its course.

Tim Duncan

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    Former Wake Forest Demon Deacon and current San Antonio Spur Tim Duncan has been schooling opposing post players since his rookie season.  With his solid all-around game and incredibly intelligent play, Duncan has remained vital to San Antonio's success long past his prime.

    Duncan has always been well-spoken and has probably forgotten more about basketball than most of us have ever known about it.

    What more does he need to walk directly from his retirement ceremony to the announcing booth alongside a play-by-play man?