WWE: Five Location Ideas for WrestleMania

Dean Siemon@deansiemonAnalyst IINovember 24, 2012

WWE: Five Location Ideas for WrestleMania

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    The grandest stage in all of sports entertainment has to have a home every year.

    While WrestleMania 29 is scheduled to take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., there have been talks about where next year's home of WrestleMania will be.

    While numerous wrestling news websites say New Orleans is a top option, let's talk about down the road. There are several unique stadiums that would be great locations for the biggest event on World Wrestling Entertainment's calendar.

    Some of these may not seem like the largest, but the thought process took stadium design, size and historic value into consideration.

Wrigley Field: Chicago, Illinois

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    The home of the Chicago Cubs, where some of baseball's most loyal fans go to root, root, root for the home team.

    So maybe it would be tough to get this idea sold because it has a regular seating capacity of about 41,000. But this is one of the most historic baseball parks in the country. It would have a nostalgic feel.

    This baseball stadium was also the original home of the Chicago Bears and has hosted a college football game (Northwestern vs. Illinois, Nov. 20, 2010) and a NHL game (Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks, Jan. 1, 2009).

    So why not host the biggest event in sports entertainment?

Wembley Stadium: London, England

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    Not sure what the odds are of doing the biggest pay-per-view overseas, but I think the wrestling fans in England would be louder than a lot of the crowds heard in the United States, with exception to New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago.

    This is another stadium with a lot of history hosting English soccer games and has recently hosted annual NFL regular season games.

    Since WWE seems to take an interest in performing in football stadiums, why not go to one with a great fanbase and a chance to fill more than 100,000 seats.

Cowboys Stadium: Arlington, Texas

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    So there have been plenty of WrestleMania events held in the state of Texas, but why not the stadium that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones created?

    A unique setting can be created by using the giant screen above as the TitanTron and utilizing the entrance the Cowboys use for their home games.

    And there’s the ability again, like in London, to shatter wrestling attendance records due to the current maximum capacity—and how many have come to see college football, college basketball and boxing events.

Estadio Azteca: Mexico City, Mexico

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    With all of the history of Lucha Libre in Mexico and how devoted fans are there, it would be amazing to see WWE bring WrestleMania to those fans. In fact, why not one of their largest stadiums?

    The home of the Mexican national soccer team, the stadium can hold 105,000 fans. If you begin to estimate how many more seats can be added on the field, we might be talking about the all-time WrestleMania attendance record being shattered.

    If this could be done in the next few years, maybe it would be the perfect place for the Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio match. But the rumors around the internet is that they are planning that match for this year in New Jersey.

Fenway Park: Boston, Massachusetts

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    Just like Wrigley Field, some sports fans would find this to be more of a nostalgic pick. But for those who say that Fenway Park would not be capable of hosting WrestleMania, remember that some of the best wrestling events have been held in baseball stadiums.

    With a unique look that includes the Green Monster as the left field wall, it’s possible to have the entrance set up in that area and the TitanTron hanging on the wall.

    Boston fans, just like in New York and Chicago, are very loud and would give the kind of audience that assists in the atmosphere that is WrestleMania.