Clemson, Florida State Can Expose BCS's Worthlessness

Mike Foster@michaelsfosterCorrespondent INovember 23, 2012

CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 17:  Shadrach Thornton #10 of the North Carolina State Wolfpack is stopped by the defense of the Clemson Tigers during their game at Memorial Stadium on November 17, 2012 in Clemson, South Carolina.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
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On Nov. 21, Gregg Doyel of CBS wrote a column claiming that the SEC is a fraud, and that the 2012 season has undoubtedly exposed the favoritism that may even exist within the computers when it comes to SEC teams.

First off, I wouldn't go as far as to say the SEC is a fraud, or accuse the conference of anything. The conference isn't controlling the BCS. And, let's remember the coaches have their own poll. They must think the conference really is as good as advertised.

I will agree, however, with the premise that the SEC is so cemented into this notion of superiority that its respective members don't have to do much to get recognized.

And, this season, much like 2007, has made it very apparent that not even a four team playoff really is enough. 

When things are clear cut, the BCS does its job. That was the case last year when everyone in the nation knew LSU and Alabama had the best football teams in the country.

But, when chaos kicks in, the BCS fails, and it has again this year in a way that I believe is unfair.

Let me preface my argument by saying I'm clad in an enemy uniform. I'm a Georgia Bulldogs fan, born and raised. Success and failure of Georgia football has a vice grip on my mood and being. To say the cliche that football is a religion in my family is nothing but pure truth.

One would assume a man with such conviction for the Red and Black would argue for the system right now—the system that has pitted Georgia as the No. 3 team in the country with two games left to play.

I still find it hard to believe that Georgia essentially controls its own destiny towards a national championship. I've been praying for this scenario to grace the month of November for too long.

While Georgia fans surely are more excited about their team than they have been since I was born, which is a big deal here, I still cannot believe how we've gotten to this point.

Georgia only beat Kentucky 29-24 in Lexington earlier this year. Their loss came to the tune of 35-7 in Columbia against South Carolina. How many championship teams are dealt that kind of defeat?

Georgia started slow against every inferior opponent this year: Buffalo, Florida Atlantic, and even Georgia Southern, just last week.

And, there is no doubt in my mind that neither Georgia nor Florida won at the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Florida simply lost more in that game than Georgia did.

That's not to say the defense wasn't great against Florida. It's not to say Aaron Murray didn't dazzle against Kentucky.

Georgia has the materials that make what we might call the best team in the country. I said it at the beginning of the year. I even said at the start of the season, that if Georgia won every game but one of the games in one of the Columbias (before we found out Missouri wasn't much of an opponent) and beat Alabama by a field goal in the SEC title game, a BCS National Championship appearance would be inevitable.

How strange is it now to see the stars are aligning, but it just doesn't feel right. Georgia only looked like best-team-in-country material against Vanderbilt (48-0) and Auburn (38-0). 

In Georgia's two biggest games of 2012, it was underwhelming at best. Yet, because of the conference, the Dawgs have somehow climbed into prime position to win it all.

If Georgia does in fact beat Georgia Tech this weekend and beats Alabama by a field goal, then yes, surely a BCS appearance would be a worthy award.

My retort to the BCS, however, is that other teams aren't even given a chance, whereas Georgia was given a second chance.

Nobody in the media claimed the Dawgs were in the picture after losing 35-7, but the media forgot the conference Georgia claimed home.

But, what about the Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminoles?

Those two teams have South Carolina and Florida, of the SEC, respectively, on the schedule tomorrow. Clemson and FSU could win those games and still not get close to the BCS National Championship.

If the Tigers and Seminoles win, both will finish the regular season with impressive 11-1 records. Neither team will have a loss as bad as Georgia's.

Florida State's only loss this year came by one point, on the road at North Carolina State. Clemson, who isn't even eligible to play in the ACC Championship Game because it's in the same division as FSU, only has a 49-37 loss to the Seminoles.

Clemson, if it beats South Carolina, should be considered one of the best teams in the nation.

And you sit here reading this thinking, "Wait? Clemson has had a good year?"

The media has given zero attention to the Tigers. Sure, they have not run through a gauntlet schedule to get to this point. But, it has taken care of business, only to see its ACC label hinder its perception.

Seriously, how are the Tigers only ranked No. 11? FSU at 10?

You could argue, "Well, Clemson can't even play for its conference championship."

Did Alabama, the 2012 BCS National Champion, play for its conference championship last year? 

You could argue, "Well, Clemson played an ACC schedule."

Georgia's has only beat two FBS teams (Vanderbilt and Florida) with a winning record. Gauntlet? Not by a long shot. 

The pot is calling the kettle black, and getting away with it. 

Despite the fact fans have always been so opposed to the BCS system, we've all been hush hush and inviting when it comes to the current situation, which is offering a national championship opportunity to Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Texas A&M, LSU and Florida have voters by the jock-strap, while Clemson and Florida State have been ignored because of their affiliation. 

This isn't just favoritism. It's discrimination. The coaches are guilty. The computers are guilty. And yes, until I found my true center conscience, I was guilty.

Sure, Florida State and Clemson could lose tomorrow and all of the dust will settle. That's what the BCS hopes for—that everything falls into place.

The BCS doesn't believe Georgia will beat Alabama. It's just putting it there for now. We saw this in 2007 when Georgia was ranked No. 4 but did not move after No. 1 and No. 2 went down.

But, the BCS perception has skewed so much more since then that Georgia undoubtedly will get a nod. And, it won't be because of the tough schedule it played. It will simply be because of its conference.

There's no doubt the BCS system is long overdue for retirement, as is our current psyche. 


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