Why Does CM Punk Continually Need Help to Defeat Ryback?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 23, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

It may not have come under the most positive of circumstances, but at the end of the night at Survivor Series, WWE Champion CM Punk was still in possession of the coveted title.

With his recent wins over Ryback at Hell In A Cell and Ryback and John Cena at Survivor Series, Punk appears to be sitting pretty at the top of the mountain. However, neither win has come in a clean manner, and it appears as if the champ cannot seem to win on his own of late.

And with all of his accomplishments, why is it that the "Best In the World” needs help to knock off an up-and-comer with an insatiable appetite?

It began at Hell In A Cell where it took the work of crooked referee Brad Maddox to allow Punk to keep the WWE Championship around his waist. Maddox later paid for his indiscretions after being annihilated by Ryback in a singles contest on RAW.

Continuing at Survivor Series, Punk retained his title with help from three NXT performers, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, all of whom have been heavily talked about as being superstars of the future.

Are these three men working for Punk and his advisor Paul Heyman? That has yet to be addressed.

At any rate, Ryback seems to think so.

But do these recent events cheapen Punk’s now-over-a-year-long title reign? He has made a habit of calling himself the best in the world, but can anyone truly hope to achieve that title if they continually need help to win matches?

Punk’s has cemented his legacy over the past year with notable wins over Cena, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho. His recent feud with Ryback serves to make the man-beast look dominant, while allowing Punk to hold onto the title.

These controversial finishes are often believed to be last-minute ideas, since the company does in fact see Ryback as the future of the company, but may not entirely believe in his ability to carry the company upon his broad shoulders just yet. And they seem to have a great thing going with Punk steering the ship at the present time.

In truth, Ryback is nowhere ready for a run with the WWE title. He is still too inexperienced and clumsy in the ring to run with the upper echelon of the roster. He is continually improving, that is apparent, but still far too green.

However, management seems to believe in Ryback as a future champion, and maybe he will be. But as of now, he is essentially a Goldberg ripoff, complete with an almost completely mute routine, with the exception of his “Feed Me More,” “Wake Up,” and “Finish It” lines. This past week on RAW marked the first time that he spoke in complete sentences in recent memory.

He has the look of a champion, and is incredibly hungry (no pun intended) for more title opportunities. But with a mysterious group seemingly protecting him, Punk may not ever be the guy to satisfy Ryback’s hunger.

And at the end of the day, what could be worse than a starving juggernaut?

The WWE Universe may need to be put on notice.