NCAA Tournament: Siena? Really?

Eric JacksonCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2008

I thought Siena was a color.

And Vanderbilt gets bludgeoned by Siena? And by bludgeoned, I mean Siena gave Vanderbilt a blanket party.

To hear Vanderbilt fans tell it, Vanderbilt was a lock for the Final Four; at the very least the Sweet Sixteen. Their love of Shan (pronounced "Shane" by parents who can't spell or perhaps pronounce "Shan") Foster knows no depth. Their allowing brick-headed senior Ross Neltner to even get near the ball...well...I can't understand that either...but, give me a break Vandy fans. You weren't going anywhere this year.

Look, I'm not a Vandy hater. I actually feel sorry for them, however the Vandy Possums (Play dead at home, get killed on the road...yeah, it's old) were only capable of winning against quality opponents when in their ancient Memorial Gymnasium, perhaps the dumbest layout of a basketball court ever. Kevin Stallings, however, deserves this. He's a smug, pompous ass.

I'm quite sure you didn't see it...and I can't find it anywhere on the interweb. Kevin Stallings and his players were pissed and showed it at a press conference a day or so before the game where they were curbed by the Siena what's-their-names.

Little Kevin was angry and upset that some basketbal prognosticators were predicting lowly Siena, which I still say most people believe is a color, to upset his Commodores.

He said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Perhaps everyone is predicting Siena to beat us because we're poorly coached."

Maybe that's why Indiana University lost your cell phone number too, Kevin.