Patriots vs. Jets: New York's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 12

Ryan Alfieri@Ryan_AlfieriCorrespondent IIINovember 23, 2012

Patriots vs. Jets: New York's Biggest Winners and Losers from Week 12

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    It really is difficult to put into words what happened in East Rutherford on Thursday night. After keeping the Patriots scoreless in the first quarter, the Pats score 35 straight points to end the game before Lenny Kravitz took the field. 

    This week's winners and losers features almost all losers, as it is nearly impossible to find many winners from this debacle. 

Loser: Ball-Handlers

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    The Jets were blown out in every facet of the game, but no team can win when you put the ball on the ground as many times as they did. The Patriots scored 21 points in just a couple of minutes as a result of fumbles alone. 

    It's one thing to have turnovers cost you games. But the Jets have flat out embarrassed the organization on national television with their carelessness with the ball. 

    The problem with fixing turnover problems is that there is no magic cure. If you think about them all of the time, they may only increase. 

Winner: Bilal Powell

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    In a game filled with losers, Powell was a bright spot in his limited duty. He looked much more explosive than Shonn Greene on his touchdown run and was a factor in the passing game. 

    If the Jets do decide to move on from Shonn Greene after the season (as they should), Powell has shown that he can get the job done, even if he isn't an incredible talent. 

Loser: Rex Ryan

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    Rex's team did not quit in the second half, but this game reeked of bad coaching. Fumbles, miscues and missed defensive assignments doomed this game, and that facet of the game is on Rex. 

    Three touchdowns in 52 seconds is simply inexcusable. 

    Rex's teams have also developed a bad habit of getting blown out by the Patriots in their second meeting, which are usually pivotal division matchups. 

    Now, Rex takes on the task of saving his team from becoming totally irrelevant. With seven losses, the Jets officially have no room for error.

Loser: Mike Tannenbaum

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    Mike Tannenbaum has been the primary target of criticism, and tonight only made him look worse. 

    Talented players do not fumble the ball every other time they touch it. The Jets are simply not talented enough to overcome mistakes that other teams can. 

    When the Jets make a mistake, it is a massive failure because the Jets are not talented enough to overcome them. Injuries have plagued the Jets this season, but it has exposed the Jets' depth in the process. 

    If the Jets don't turn things around before season's end, Mr. T will be the first man out the door. 

Loser: Mark Sanchez

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    Mark Sanchez actually had a decent game, but all he will be remembered for is the hilarious fumble he had when he slid right into Brandon Moore's rear end that helped the Patriots score.

    Plus, whenever the game is over before halftime, Sanchez was immediately put in a bad spot and had no chance to succeed. When the Jets lose, Sanchez's reputation takes a hit, sometimes undeservedly. 

    Now, Sanchez has to spend the next 10 days hearing talk about his backup, when he was only a small part of the Jets' problems. 

Loser: Short-Yardage Offense

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    For a team that takes pride in being a "ground-and-pound" team, the Jets were absolutely abysmal in short-yardage situations. 

    Not only were they stopped on a 4th-and-goal attempt, but it looked like the Patriots knew exactly what was coming. Their safeties and linebackers shot the gaps, and Shonn Greene hardly even had a chance. 

    The Jets still would have lost if they converted their short-yardage plays, but getting beat in those situations is a morale killer. 

Loser: Tony Sparano

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    Speaking of play-calling, this was Tony Sparano's worst game of the season by a significant margin. 

    When around the goal line, it was clear as day that he had no trust in Sanchez. His calls in short-yardage situations were beyond brutal, and the Patriots appeared to know exactly what was coming. 

    In the end, the yardage totals look decent in both the run and passing game, but it helps to boost numbers with extra possessions from scoop-and-scores. 

Loser: Bart Scott

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    Outside of one big hit on Stevan Ridley, Scott had a game he would rather forget. 

    He was burned by Aaron Hernandez early in the game and was then the victim of a long touchdown catch-and-run by Shane Vereen. 

    When Scott is in the game, opponents know his limitations in coverage and attack him. His performance has all but sealed the truth that he should not longer be the starter over rookie Demario Davis.