Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: How Cody Rhodes' Injury Helps Them Get the Tag Belts

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst INovember 22, 2012

(B/R photo)
(B/R photo)

Cody Rhodes’ injury may spell bad news for Team Rhodes Scholars, but it could also be good news for Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. With the Rhodes Scholars apparently out of action for a while and Team Hell No appearing to be losing some of its luster, the high-flying luchadors find themselves in the catbird seat for a tag team title shot.

The Prime Time Players made some noise (literally) with their Raw commentary last Monday night during the match between Team Hell No and Mysterio-Sin Cara. That leads us to believe that the three tag teams could wind up in a Triple Threat match for the tag titles at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2012 next month.

If that is the case, then look for Mysterio and Cara to walk out of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with the gold.

Mysterio and Sin Cara are probably one the most popular tag teams in WWE now. Undoubtedly, most of that is due to Mysterio’s unquestioned popularity because it took the fans a while to warm up to Sin Cara.

They also are the most cohesive tag team going now. Their similar sizes and high-flying style electrify any arena in which they perform.

Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) has provided some comic relief for WWE and definitely helped bring about a new awareness for tag team wrestling. But since they won the belts at Night of Champions last September, their defense of the titles has been less than spectacular. The big match THN had with the Rhodes Scholars at Hell in a Cell ended disappointingly with Kane getting disqualified for being too aggressive.

So while Team Hell No has done much for the tag team division itself, they really have not done that much for the belts…unless you count the “I am the Tag Team champions” war chant as “doing something” for the titles. Their constant arguments and one-upmanship, while funny at first, have grown tiresome.


The Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) have come agonizingly close to getting the belts in previous matches. That says that WWE still is uneasy with giving them the titles.

Plus, they have developed quite the program with Mysterio and Sin Cara over the past few weeks. Putting the belts on Mysterio and Sin Cara would add more intensity to that rivalry and could stretch the program out at least until Cody Rhodes’ return and the rebirth of the Rhodes Scholars with Damien Sandow.

There is no question in my mind that WWE still plans to have Rhodes and Sandow eventually wear the belts. Rhodes’ concussion and shoulder injury may have delayed that push, but once Rhodes returns to the ring, so will that push.

But don’t be quick to label Mysterio and Sin Cara as transitional champions for the Rhodes Scholars. A title program with the Rhodes Scholars would rekindle memories of last year’s rivalry between Mysterio and Rhodes that began with Rhodes breaking his nose courtesy of an errant 619 from Mysterio.

Now that is a program that could be worthy of a prime spot at WrestleMania 29.

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