How Good Is the Pittsburgh Steelers' Defense? Can It Get Even Better?

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How Good Is the Pittsburgh Steelers' Defense? Can It Get Even Better?

Last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the best defense in the league in almost every category. They got after the quarterback forced turnovers and stopped the run. There is not one person who can say that their defense was not the best. 

So how good were they? Well, not only did they lead in almost every defensive category, but they had something every defense would love. They had fear and swagger.

This team was aware of everything they did and knew how to use it as a weapon. Their presence was enough to scare offenses out of what they wanted to do. 

The Steelers would knock wide receivers out and dog-pile running backs. They were the most vicious crew in the NFL. Every game, the offenses would try to find weaknesses in the defense, some had more success then others. The defense was not invincible, they had their one bad game (in Tennessee). 

The strongest thing about the Steelers' defense though was Dick LeBeau. He is arguably the best defensive coordinator and easily the most creative in the NFL. He cannot only confuse the QB, but he can kill the QB. Who knows what he will bring out next year?

But coaching only goes so far. The players on this defense are beasts. They have at worst two pro bowl linebackers and a pro bowl safety. Those are just the players that got voted in. The Steelers have at least five others who could easily be Pro Bowlers. 

Lamarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons are the future of the Steelers stellar line backing core. Both of them have potential and both are on there way to realizing it. 

Can they get better? Yes they not only can they will get better. LeBeau will make sure that all of his players stay on course. I could see the Steelers not only getting better, but getting A LOT better.

With a five-deep linebacking corps and a big play safety who knows what to expect. Then you add in that the Steelers will probably draft another defensive player in the first two rounds and there is to much talent to ignore. 

I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers will not only be the best defense in the league next year, but could have one of the best defensive season ever in NFL history. So just keep an eye out.

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