Survivor Series: Dolph Ziggler's Future After His Win Against Team Foley

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst INovember 21, 2012


Dolph Ziggler's Survivor Series win is just a sign of things to come. 

During last Sunday's pay-per-view, the WWE commentators emphasized the idea that the current Money in the Bank briefcase holder was the sole survivor. 

And even though the phrase is an obvious gimmick for its namesake match, this signals nothing but success for the show-off. 

Ziggler's path as of late has been convoluted, to say the least. 

He has had a backup role in Vickie Guerrero's feud with former general manager AJ Lee. Ziggler was basically the muscle behind Guerrero's high-pitched voice. 

That began to change as a feud seemed to be brewing during the Hell in a Cell pre-show, where John Cena interrupted Vickie Guerrero only to be attacked by Ziggler. 

Unfortunately, any future interaction between the two was slowed down when the traditional Survivor Series match featuring Team Foley and Team Punk was changed. 

Ziggler was later added to the match and became captain, as to remind fans of his subtle importance.

Of course, he was the lone man after defeating Randy Orton with, ironically, a typical Randy Orton last-ditch move. Defeating one of WWE's top stars with his own technique speaks volumes of where Ziggler is eventually going to end up. 

Now Ziggler is potentially set to face John Cena. And after seeing the backstage segment between the two superstars, there should be nothing that can stop the match from taking place—not even a John Cena mishap. 

In the long-term scheme of things, this is the right move for Ziggler. The buzz surrounding him won't diminish leading up to January’s Royal Rumble given that he is feuding with the face of the company. 

As for his briefcase, he does not need to hype it up himself. The fans do it for him. 

Take the World Heavyweight Championship match between the Big Show and Sheamus for example. Even after a controversial finish and a couple of chairshots, people kept chanting Ziggler's name as the Big Show crawled his way to the back. 

This has happened throughout the World Heavyweight Championship matches as of late, so the fans know are already anticipating it. 

But if fans can already pinpoint Ziggler's opportunities, how can the briefcase have the excitement as it has before?

Doing it in December, when fans are already looking ahead to Royal Rumble, could be it. 

A match against the face of the company at Tables, Ladders & Chairs easily makes the briefcase slightly forgettable. 

In fact, if Ziggler is able to cash in his briefcase and successfully win the World Heavyweight Championship that night, he can start the hype that comes with the months leading up to WrestleMania. 

And what better way to show off than by being the first one in the limelight.