Thanksgiving Is All About Football According to NOC "Hall of Fame" Parody

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 21, 2012

The best day of the regular season is about to complement that bird that's been baking all day. 

A big thanks to NOC who have yet another parody, this time signaling the best part of the holiday most of the nation will be celebrating shortly. 

That's right, it's all about Thanksgiving, and they chose to parody the melody of "Hall of Fame" by The Script and featuring 

This song is called "Watch the Games" and it's pretty much right up sports fan's alleys. It points to the myriad football games we get on this special day when the Jets' follies may just be the best dessert imaginable. 

If you are looking for meaning behind the few short minutes of this song, it's pretty much that family is the worst. 

I know, that pretty much goes against the ethos of this special day, but it makes sense when you are trying to listen to the Redskins and Cowboys game but can only hear an uncle snoring or family members argue over stuffing. 

Really, we just want to watch the games. 

Tryna watch Romo lose to RG3
Grandma, please shut up and let me watch TV
I could get a win; I could catch a loss
Don't give a damn about cranberry sauce

Well, duh. Nobody cares about cranberry sauce. Unless, of course, you are stuffing it into a leftover sandwich with some avocado and turkey. #Nom

Whatever you are doing this Thanksgiving, remember to appreciate all that is around you, like the Jets losing another game. 

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