Never Imagined This: Going to Creighton

Alex OlivaContributor IMarch 19, 2009

I have had many disappointing sports moment in my life and a lot of those had to do with UK basketball. I have seen us lose a national championship and throw away No. 1 overall seeds, but for some reason this one stung the most. No bid to the NCAA tournament at first made me sick, then I didn't really know what to feel about the NIT.

Everyone likes to tell you what NIT really means, Not In Tournament, but for me it would be Never Imagined This. If you look at my earlier writing I was so excited for this season. I had such a bright outlook on the season, but then I Never Imagined This.

So, now we are off to Creighton after the victory on Tuesday. The game against UNLV was an interesting one. The 'Cats got up by a lot and let the opponent creep back, but differing form the usual formula they did not lose the lead. They fought and clawed and looked like a team that should go far in this tournament.

Looking back on this season we had some high points, From Jodie Meeks 54 points, and his three against Florida in the final seconds. Still, we had many more low points, three point losses to UL and LSU, losses to Vanderbilt and Ole Miss, and the embarrassing losses to VMI and Georgia.

In the end, we have to support our team and support our coach. This is a team that is still playing right now and has a chance. The commentators for the UNLV game reminded us that the 1976 NIT was a springboard to a NCAA championship in 1978. That comment gives me great hope that things will get better.


I Never Imagined This!