Ranking the NFL Divisions and Giving New Nicknames

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Ranking the NFL Divisions and Giving New Nicknames

I have ranked all of the divisions and gave them new nicknames that I believe describe the traits of the division.

1. NFC South: This division is four deep and is the most unpredictable of all divisions. Last season they almost all went 3-3 within the division. Sound good enough.

Playoff-Caliber teams: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Nickname: The Psychotic Anomaly Division


2. AFC East: This is a very deep division, but the Patriots are the only consistent team in the division. The rest of the division is on the rise, but if history repeats itself this division may be the Patriots again soon.

Playoff-Caliber teams: New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins

Potential is there: Buffalo Bills and New York Jets

New Nickname: The So Close but So far Division


3. NFC East: The most hyped division in all of the NFL. They always compete hard, but when push comes to shove, they tend to fade. The division is known for talkative players and for hurting each other. Sounds good but they just are not that good.

Playoff-Caliber Teams: N.Y. Giants and Philadelphia Eagles

Potential is there: Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins

New Nickname: The Self-Implosion Division


4. AFC South: Two amazing teams with two potentially good teams. The age of the Colts has made the division competitive again. Each year one team aside from the Colts plays well, but that’s it.

Playoff-Caliber teams: Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans

Potential is there: Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars

New Nickname: The Two at a Time Division


5. AFC North: Only two good teams in this division. The other two are basically crap. They have had their years but the Steelers and the Ravens are much better teams.

Playoff-Caliber teams: Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens

Bad Teams: Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns

New Nickname: The You are Going to Get Hit Division


6. NFC North: Every year one of the teams shows what it can do, but never more then two in one year. Then the division has the worst team in the NFL, which hurts their stock.

Playoff-Caliber teams: Minnesota Vikings

Potential is there: Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers

Worst team: Detroit Lions

New Nickname: Ye Olde Division


7. NFC West: Yes they have put teams in the Super Bowl the last few years but only the Rams have prevailed. This division has some good rivalries, but that is about it.

Playoff-Caliber teams: Arizona Cardinals

Potential is there: San Francisco 49ers

Bad Teams: Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams

New Nickname:  The Lower Expectations Division


8. AFC West: Not one team in this division does what it is supposed to. Well that is not entirely true when they are expected to lose they do tend to lose. 

Playoff-Caliber teams: San Diego Chargers

Potential is there: Denver Broncos

Bad Teams: Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs

New Nickname: The There is Always Next Year Division

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