Does NASCAR's Sponsor Even Know What Is Going On?

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

I was on today reading an article.

I looked to the right and saw an add for Sprint.

The add had a map of the United States, and a flag for each track on the Sprint Cup Series circuit.

But as I looked closer, I say that there were only 21 flags for 22 tracks.

The add was missing a flag for the Atlanta Motor Speedway!

How does an add for the sponsor of the sport miss such a crucial aspect.

If they were to do something like this, do it right.

This is what us fans have sponsoring the sport we love?!!

Winston wouldn't have missed Atlanta.

I'm getting fed-up with Sprint.

By not letting AT&T and Verizon in and making the All-Star race awful, Sprint has shown that the only thing the company cares about is the name of the series.

They really need to start putting more of an effort into their advertising because that add is totally embarrassing!