Edge Could Have Made Zack Ryder a Big Star for WWE

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 21, 2012

Edge and Zack Ryder
Edge and Zack Ryder

Sometimes, we all need a little help. Zack Ryder could have used a hand from Edge in his quest to become a top-level WWE superstar. 

With his considerable skills for marketing and character development, Zack Ryder definitely deserves a chance to work at the top level in the WWE. He's also more than capable in the wrestling ring, and he obviously puts in some time at the gym.

His popularity level is amazing when you factor in how little the WWE has utilized him over the years. He doesn't get a consistent spot at the pay-per-view events, and his television appearances are uneventful, but he still maintains a strong connection to the audience.

That has led many people to speculate as to why the company has chosen not to push him. It has also led the Internet wrestling community to tap into their creativity and come up with potential solutions on how to make his push come true.

Unfortunately, his best option for becoming a top-level star may have already left the business. After giving up his body for the business, Edge is not around to help take his former protege to the heights that he's currently trying to reach.

WWE doesn't like to pull up history with the wrestlers, but the storyline behind a program between Edge and Zack Ryder would basically write itself. They have an on-screen history together as Ryder was once a stablemate and lackey of the former world heavyweight champion.

Edge has credibility as a top-level performer, and the fans would more than likely believe in the credibility of Ryder if he went toe-to-toe with his former mentor. The Rated R Superstar also has an immense following (even after retirement). His passing of the torch to Ryder would instantly bring new fans.

Most importantly, Edge also has a considerable amount of stroke in the business. If anyone can convince the creative department in WWE to finally push Zack Ryder, it would be him.

Of course, with Edge not being an option, Zack Ryder and the Internet wrestling community will simply need to find another way to turn the Internet champion into a television champion.


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