How I "Re-Discovered" Bleacher Report

Nick CarloAnalyst IIMarch 19, 2009

Many stories have been written by a number of writers here on Bleacher Report about how they discovered this great website.

Some discovered it through an ad on peer sites like Facebook, while others simply stumbled upon the site randomly. Each person’s story is different, but what is common to all, is that they found Bleacher Report, just as I did—twice!

My story begins about a year ago. I don’t remember the exact time, but I know that I was twelve years old when I first came across a flashy ad that was advertising for something I’d never heard of, called “Bleacher Report.”

I clicked on the ad, and for a couple of days, my life literally changed. That initial experience wasn’t exactly a fun one, though. I’m a huge Mets fan, and when I found this site, I immediately said to myself, “Great, I’ll write about my Mets.”

I then wrote my first article, which you can read here, and felt great about it. That feeling was fleeting, as I was pretty cocky with what I’d written, and knew just enough about everything to piss people off.

I got a lot of feedback on that first article I wrote, and almost none of it was good.

This angered me quite a bit, and I said to myself, “I don’t need this. This site is stupid.” Getting shot down so quickly had disappointed me completely.

I then clicked on the “X” to close the page, and went on with my normal life, forgetting all about Bleacher Report and the negative experience I’d had there. It was only later I came to regret saying it was a stupid site.

For I once again stumbled upon it, as you’ll read on the following page. Well, actually, my brother is the one who stumbled upon it. However, that coincidence changed my life, and I now love B/R.

My first article had become a joke, as anyone who reads it will realize, as the Mets didn’t even win the NL East. In fact, the Mets' biggest rival, the Philadelphia Phillies, went on to win the World Series, as I was left disappointed in my beloved Mets for the second year in a row.

While I hated the fact the Phillies had won a title, I did, however, have to give them respect. Phillies fans rubbed the win in Mets fans’ faces, but they deserved it.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t hate the Phillies, because I do.

Anyway, on to how my brother rediscovered Bleacher Report for me, and how it changed my life.There was a contest called the “Million Dollar Arm” going on at the time, and the two winners of the show were these two guys named Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, from India. They were two young Cricket players who had hopes and dreams of actually playing American baseball (you can read about it here, and here).

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my story. Well, let me explain, because it has everything to do with it.

My brother and I were shocked to hear how these two guys who played a game called Cricket (which we didn't even know much about) could actually throw a baseball in the upper 80s and sometimes even reach the 90s. This fascinated us.

Both of these players eventually signed a historic contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, which you can read about here, and my brother was on the computer one day looking them both up in order to see exactly what they were all about.

He found a lot of stuff about them, and he and I collaborated on putting them into MLB ’08: The Show. We beefed up their abilities, and they were on their way to dominating the other pitchers in the game.

As my brother continued to surf the web to find out more about them, he came across a page about them on Bleacher Report. I'd looked up from my bed where I was playing on my PSP, and saw the picture of the two standing next to each other on the screen. What drew my attention, though, was the orange and black B/R logo of Bleacher Report in the upper left corner of the screen.

I looked at it, and felt there was something familiar about it.

When my brother clicked off of the page, I asked him to go back for a second. When he did, and I took another look at the page, and it all started coming back to me.

I then asked him to get up, and sat down in his place. Typing in my e-mail address and password, I logged into the site for the first time since I’d left long before. After it had loaded up, I went to my profile page.

I couldn’t believe it. It was still there. I checked the article I’d written so long before, and found there were even a couple new comments posted. They weren’t much different from the initial ones I’d received about the article, but this time it didn’t seem to deter me.

Instead, I felt a renewed sense of passion and desire to write. I wanted to write something again! I wanted to write something and prove to everyone on this site that I was a great writer.

I then wrote my second article, which you can read here.

Amazingly, the experience I had this time was far different than the one I’d initially had. This article actually got some pretty good feedback; and before I knew it, I was hooked on the site.

As the song says, “Reunited; and it feels so good!”

In the three months since I’ve returned to Bleacher Report, I’ve written 62 articles. During that time, 28 people have become fans of my writing. I’ve gotten over 11,000 page reads, 8 Pick of the Day votes, 333 comments posted, and 490 comments received.

I’m so satisfied with what I’ve accomplished, it just can’t be measured. All I need now is to win a Bleacher Report Article of the Day Award and I’d be thrilled. I’m confident that will come in time.

So, that’s how I rediscovered Bleacher Report, and how I’ve come to love this site.

I’d like to give a shout out to the Bleacher Report Founders, Dave Finnochio, Alexander “Zander” Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and Dave Nemetz, seen in the photo above (although I'm not certain if they're in that order in the photo), and to pretty much anyone and everyone affiliated with this site.

I’d especially like to give a shout out to some of the great writers here, such as Richard Marsh, Lou Cappetta, Pete McKeown, Mike Kent, and many, many more. They make this site what it is.

Bleacher Report has been around since it was founded and launched on February 19, 2008 (you can read about their launch here), and it’s one of the greatest sites I know.

One final and special shout out should also go to Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel. You guys changed my life, and I wish you the best on your journey to be the first Major League baseball players hailing from India.