One Man, the Iceman

Zain AbbasContributor IMarch 19, 2009

Everyone has been talking about new cars, well, not new drivers, but old drivers setting up new times in testing, new rules, new form; and yes, for example, Alonso back to the front, Jenson in the latest Brawn GP, etc etc.

All sorts of good things are happening, but one person that I miss in all the news is one man, my man, The Iceman!

I just saw last year's Spa video on and that provoked me to write this text here. What a race he drove! Today, I was playing F1 Challenge '99-'02 and was leading the Hungary race all the way.

Rain started and then Alonso overtook me and suddenly I was at seventh (from first) and ultimately I crashed out. For a moment, I thought how would have Kimi felt, and now specially this video has brought back the memories of the race in my mind.

Kimi, please come back to life. We all want to see you in action. Win Spa in '09.