Montreal Canadiens: Code Red! Code Red!

Miah D.Senior Writer IMarch 19, 2009

Martin Brodeur’s destiny couldn’t have been better written. The Quebecois goaltender tied Patrick Roy’s record, in Roy’s home, in front of Roy. 

The entire province of Quebec couldn’t be happier that if one goalie had to make it this far, it would be “one of them.” Irony has made it even more exciting for the anecdotes lovers: it had to be against the Montreal Canadiens

The game preview echoed in every corner of Montreal. Every newspaper was recapping his career achievements, and the amazing coincidence that a win against the Habs would be. 

His father was given front row sits, so he could immortalize the event. Patrick Roy came to see him at his Hotel, and for a rare time, was part of the attendance. 

It was all about him in the city; which was as much disturbing as it was exciting: I felt like he was already granted the win. 

Nevertheless, he deserved the standing ovation at the end of the game for two reasons: he just made history, and he just spared the Montreal players from the usual booing sessions. Merci Martin!

It was also a milestone for another Quebec native player; who made history by taking his wife to Paris in the middle of the season back in his young and naïve days. Patrice Brisebois was celebrating his 1000th NHL game; tying him with, let’s say, Alex Kovalev. 

Just when everyone thought he would remain stuck at 999, Bob Gainey finally put him in. Hopefully that will be enough to convince him to consider retirement.Meanwhile, teams like the New York Rangers were battling hard for their playoffs spot. The Rangers were in town for another one of those must-win games for both teams. The Habs let out one precious point, as they could not offer any resistance.  

However,’s fan poll “Do you blame Carey Price for the shootout loss?” made it clear that someone had to take the responsibility despite the 22 giveaways, the 42 shots allowed, and the 60 minutes of comeback Hockey.

Price, the franchise player, just became the only player of the franchise.

With the race to the playoffs, Montreal fans had another set of emotions to deal with: Guy Carbonneau held his first press conference since his dismissal. 

Looking poised and refreshed, he said a few words regarding the ten minute conversation he had with Bob Gainey. Ten bloody minutes to sum up “What? You’re not a magician? Get out of here.” 

He had a few sarcastic comments at some point, but still managed to refrain himself from handing out a list of names that he believes should be jobless before him, if only life was fair. 

But he is gone now, and his successor just found out that the problem is still not resolved! Oops!

So we are barely standing today, with twelve games remaining in the season, still trying to figure out the line-ups. It took us also twelve games last playoffs to aspire to the Stanley Cup, riot, and then crash. 

Meanwhile, we are sinking through the standing like a rock under water. At least, one man in a Habs jersey tried to make it up, being able to hang a glass and a pint of green beer on his nose on the set of Jay Leno! 

This is going to be messy! 

Go Habs!