Claude Giroux's 10 Sickest Goals

Michael PizzutilloCorrespondent IIINovember 27, 2012

Claude Giroux's 10 Sickest Goals

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    Claude Giroux is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in the NHL. During his young career, fans have already witnessed a number of insane goals by the Philadelphia Flyers' center.

    He is blessed with an impressive skill combination of speed, power, stick-handling and brains—everything Philly fans love. 

    Giroux not only wants the puck in the big moment, he demands it. Whether it's a penalty shot or an overtime winner, he often leaves opposing netminders baffled while energizing the Flyer faithful.

    Here are Claude Giroux's top 10 sickest goals.

Honorable Mentions

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    Here are some goals that didn't make the list but are still incredible:

    12/2/2011 vs. Ducks

    4/12/2102 vs. Penguins

    6/4/2010 vs. Blackhawks

10. 10/20/2011 vs. Capitals

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    This goal shows off Claude Giroux's entire arsenal of skills. His speed and brains to chase down a loose puck, power to shrug off defenseman Mike Green and incredible stick-handling toward the net.

    Netminder Tomas Vokoun suffered vertigo before the puck went into the net.

9. 10/7/10 vs. Penguins

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    Isn't it great when the red light flashes after a goal against the Penguins?

    Claude Giroux single-handedly created this "break away" goal. His ferocious forechecking caused the turnover in Pittsburgh's zone, and the puck was behind Marc-Andre Fleury before he could blink.

8. 1/28/2010 vs. Thrashers

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    In his first full season, Giroux was also a part-time magician. He pulled a rabbit out his has hat on this goal.

    The entire Thrashers team, including goalie Johan Hedberg, bit on the illusion of Claude passing the puck.


    Giroux patiently held onto the puck and made an extremely difficult goal appear easy.

7. 10/22/2009 vs. Bruins

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    This is the very definition of deking a goalie. 

    Claude Giroux's impeccable stick-handling confuses goalie Tuukka Rask on this shootout goal. Before his flurry of moves, Giroux fakes a wrist shot and then unleashes the madness.

    Rask moves right and Giroux ends left.

6. 4/29/2012 vs. Devils

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    Although the Devils painfully won this playoff series, Giroux's game-tying goal during Game 1 had Flyers fans fired up for an eventual overtime win.

    Whether you were watching at the Wells Fargo Center or on television, you could see this goal being set up. Giroux's stick was waiting to unload a one-time rocket past Marty Brodeur, and he did just that.

5. 4/16/2011 vs. Sabres

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    In this important playoff victory, Giroux maneuvers around four Sabres, ultimately leading to the game's first goal.

    Giroux missed earlier on a great opportunity and was not going to miss on his second. Ryan Miller didn't even see the blistering wrist shot.

4. 4/11/2010 vs. Rangers

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    The magnitude of this goal might outweigh the skill it took to make it.

    The Flyers and Rangers were battling in a winner-take-all matchup for the the eighth and final playoff seed. Giroux, much like a lion stalking its prey, waited patiently for the right time to strike, then he unloaded a wicked wrister past Henrik Lundqvist to help his Flyers team advance to the playoffs.

    A sweet, sweet victory against the hated Rangers.

3. 6/2/2010 vs. Blackhawks

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    Giroux shows incredible concentration on this redirected shot.

    A Stanley Cup overtime goal and much-needed victory for the Flyers in the series. As we know, the Flyers fell short against the Blackhawks, but this goal helped the team battle in their chase of the Cup.

2. 3/10/2012 vs. Maple Leafs

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    This goal is just filthy.

    Claude Giroux made Jonas Gustavsson look like a complete fool in the net. It's impressive on so many levels, and his Flyers teammates were still talking about it after the game.

    Giroux was just showing off.

1. 4/22/2012 vs. Penguins

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    This is the best individual shift I have ever seen in a hockey game.

    Giroux sent a clear message to Sidney Crosby and the rest of the Penguins in less than one minute of play. The Flyers wanted to win this series and Giroux put the team on his back.

    If this doesn't make you miss hockey, you're not a real fan.