The Miz: How He Could Keep Team Hell No Fresh and Relevant in WWE

SMGAnalyst IINovember 21, 2012

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Every Mizfit’s dream came true on the Nov. 12 edition of Raw when the Miz ditched Team Punk (or Ziggler) and was voted in as the final member of Team Foley. It didn’t take long for Miz to test the babyface waters as that night he teamed with Tag Team Champion Kane against Team Rhodes Scholars.

You may not think this impacts Team Hell No, but did you miss the interactions between the Miz and the current WWE Tag Team Champions?

The Miz can help Team Hell No stay fresh, relevant and champions longer than expected.

We haven’t seen an anger management or diner segment in a long time, but add another character into the situation and things will change.

We will come back to that momentarily, though.

First, we have to think about how the Miz will get incorporated into Team Hell No’s storyline and segments.

I have one word for you: Demolition.


Yes. Demolition.

What was unique about the former Tag Team Champions? There were three of them!

WWE needs to find a way to make all three members of this trio part of the Tag Team Champions.



Here is one way it could happen.

Team Hell No is scheduled to face whatever tag team (it really doesn’t matter which) at TLC. However, just before the match, Daniel Bryan is attacked by Team Rhodes Scholars leaving him unable to compete.

Kane argues to Vickie Guerrero that he should be able to have a new partner for the night. Vickie reluctantly agrees and makes the Miz his new partner.

Team Hell Awesome wins the match and retain/win the tag team titles.

Daniel Bryan comes back and argues that he never lost the titles and he is still the tag team champions!

Vickie Guerrero declares that all three can hold the belts and any two can defend it at any time.

This gives a new fresh look for the tag team titles and makes brings Team Hell No back to being the most entertaining part of WWE again.

Team Hell No has lost a little bit of steam since first joining together, but the addition of the Miz will not only keep them fresh and relevant, but very much…awesome!

Back to the earlier discussion of non-wrestling segments.

Adding the Miz to anger management sessions, meals at the diner or other segments would add so much more comedy and entertainment to an already hilarious situation.


We saw a little preview of the interactions between the three following Kane and Miz’s victory over Team Rhodes Scholars. If you watch the video again, pay close attention to Bryan and Miz. They almost can’t control smiling and laughing while arguing with one another.


As long as they don’t pull a Jimmy Fallon and laugh throughout their segments, Team Awesome Hell No can become the new big trio in the WWE.

WWE needs to capitalize on the Miz’s face turn and the amazing interactions with Team Hell No to create the next best trio of Tag Team Champions. Bryan and Kane’s earlier segments were fantastic, but add the Miz and they will instantly become awesome.


It’s been me. It’s been me. It’s been the G-U-DOUBLE T!

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