10 Things Every WWE Fan Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2012

10 Things Every WWE Fan Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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    The holiday season is approaching fast, and both people and companies are preparing for the impending rush on low-priced goods.

    The end of November signals the start of the holiday season for many people all around the globe, but in the United States we also have another important day to look forward to...Thanksgiving.

    This is the time when families and friends come together to give thanks while pigging out on turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes and any other Thanksgiving staples.

    People can be thankful of anything on Thanksgiving, from bringing a new baby into the world to their favorite flavor of seasonal beer being released a week early.

    This year the fans of WWE also have many thing to be thankful for. This slideshow will look at some of the better aspects of WWE in 2012 and show why fans should be giving thanks.

CM Punk's Reign of Terror

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    It might be hard to believe, but we have had the same WWE champion for the entire year.

    Since winning the title at the end of 2011, CM Punk has been on a roll in WWE. He has taken on all challengers and beaten every one of them time and time again.

    CM Punk is one of the best assets WWE has, and they have used him well over the past 12 months as both a babyface and a heel.

    CM Punk is one of the best both on the mic and in the ring, and his reign as champion has helped bring some credibility back to a title that has lost some of its former prestige over the years.

    2012 was most definitely the year of CM Punk. We will have to wait and see how 2013 treats the straight-edged savior.

Paul Heyman Helps His "Guys"

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    Whether he is in the corner of Brock Lesnar or CM Punk, there is no denying that Paul Heyman has been an incredible addition to WWE in 2012.

    Heyman has the unique ability to get heat from almost any crowd with a simple expression or a few short words. That kind of thing is rare these days.

    Heyman does not need to be the guy making all the decisions behind the camera to be good in front of it. All he needs is a direction and a mic and he will make the crowd go nuts.

    Paul Heyman represents something special in the wrestling business and having him be a regular part of WWE in recent months has helped in more ways than most would realize.

    CM Punk does not need Paul Heyman and Paul Heyman does not need CM Punk, but together they make on of the best pairs in the business.

The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling

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    WWE's initiative to bring the tag team division back to the level it was once at is still an uphill battle, but they have made incredible strides.

    There were times in recent years where WWE was so short on tag teams that singles stars were thrown together just to take the titles for a month only to drop them back to one of the few teams that were in the company.

    Now WWE has several teams that all have roles in the tag team division, which they are playing very well.

    We have Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, Epico and Primo, Prime Time Players, Team Hell No, Rhodes Scholars, 3MB and The Usos.

    Hunico and Camacho might count if WWE ever used them again.

    This increase in attention to the tag team division has produced some great matches, fun rivalries and a real feeling of improvement to the company as a whole.

    If this is one of the signs of how things will be under a Triple H regime, then I say bring it on.

Team Hell No Bringing the Funny

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    The tag team division gets a slide, but a team that gets their own is Team Hell No.

    Daniel Bryan and Kane seemed like a such an awkward pairing on paper, but the execution of the angle and the chemistry the two have developed have made them into one of the best acts in WWE.

    Their constant bickering makes for entertaining promos and matches, and both men are at their best when it comes to in-ring action.

    Bryan and Kane were in the main event picture for a while, but when it got a bit crowded, WWE did the right thing and put them together as a team instead of pulling back on promoting one or both men.

    The level of crowd participation in every match indicates that fans love these two and everything they do together.

    I only wish Dr. Shelby and Harold had stuck around a little longer.

Dolph Ziggler Makes Everyone a Star

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    Being one of the best workers is a double-edged sword in WWE.

    On one hand, you always get put in matches with the top stars in the company, but on the other hand, you end up being the guy to put those stars over.

    Dolph Ziggler has proven time and time again that he is one of the best pure athletes the company has ever seen, and in 2012 he finally found some momentum.

    While he might not be in every main event at every PPV, there is no doubt that Ziggler has risen up the ranks slowly.

    His wins at Money in the Bank and Survivor Series show that WWE has faith in his ability and has plans for his future.

    Despite not having many shots at titles, we have seen ZIggler get a number of impressive wins this year, and we should be thankful that WWE has started to see the light and push him harder.

    WWE Download has given Ziggler a chance to show his humorous side as well as give us a glimpse of what a possible babyface Ziggler would be like.

    CM Punk ruled WWE in 2012. 2013 will be the year of Dolph Ziggler.

Divas Who Actually Matter

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    The Divas division has always been filled with attractive women who seemed out of place inside a wrestling ring, but some of those trends are changing.

    WWE has some legitimately talented women on the roster, and they have started to use them more wisely in 2012.

    AJ Lee has shown herself to be a wild card this year with everything from her love triangles to her insanity to her ability to talk on the mic like a pro.

    Eve has also made strides for the Divas by making huge improvements in her in-ring work and providing some of the best mic work we have seen from the division in years.

    Along with AJ and Eve, we have Kaitlyn who is showing everyone how she has moved past her days as a greener-than-grass Diva from NXT.

    Tamina and Natalya still have not been used to their fullest potential, but we have to be willing to wait and give WWE a chance to push one Diva at a time.

    The Divas are nowhere near the best they can be as a whole, but they are well on their way out of the hole dug by all those Divas who couldn't wrestle their way out of a revolving door.

Brock Lesnar Brings the Pain

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    Say what you will about part-time wrestlers, but there is no denying that Brock Lesnar has helped bring some attention back to WWE.

    With less than a dozen appearances on Raw and only two matches on PPV, Brock Lesnar has been able to create more buzz than most veteran wrestlers could dream of.

    Lesnar's involvement was what brought Paul Heyman back to WWE, and his future appearances and matches should indicate if Heyman will help him and Punk at the same time or whether he will side with just one of them.

    Lesnar has been lying low ever since he beat Triple H at SummerSlam, which means every week it becomes more and more likely that he will return again.

    Lesnar might not be wrestling matches like he had with Kurt Angle anymore, but he is certainly helping to make the price of admission worth it for fans.

The Rock Just Can't Stay Away

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    When The Rock was revealed as the host of WrestleMania 27, he surprised a lot of people who thought he would always remain distant from wrestling.

    The following night he shocked everyone even more by announcing that he would be in a match at WrestleMania 28 against John Cena.

    Not only did we get a memorable match at WM, but Rocky gave us a bonus match at Survivor Series when he teamed up with Cena to take on Awesome Truth.

    Now we have The Rock getting a title shot at Royal Rumble. With the odds of him winning being very high, this means we are likely to see Rocky on a semi-regular basis leading into WrestleMania 29.

    Every WWE fan should be thankful for this. Even if you hate Rocky, there is no way to deny the positive impact he has on the company every time he grabs a mic.

    The Rock is one of the few people who can make a crowd say just about whatever he wants, and that kind of popularity is something WWE is wise to keep using as long as they can.

The Debut of Future WWE Champions

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    Survivor Series saw the WWE title match end in controversy when three men dressed as security guards attacked Ryback and took him out of the match.

    Those three men were Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

    These three NXT superstars came back the next night on Raw and repeated their performance by putting Ryback through a second announcers' table.

    This kind of debut has worked wonders in the past, and it certainly gives them more visible recognition than some basic promos videos and a few squash matches could give them.

    Rollins and Ambrose are two of the brightest prospects from WWE developmental, and Reigns comes from the legendary Anoa'i family, which means he has this business in his blood.

    These three men still have yet to declare their intentions, but whatever they are, we can rest assured that the result will be the inclusion of three talented new members to the roster in 2013.

Damien Sandow Comes to Save Us from Ourselves

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    Damien Sandow has taken the concept of a heel in the PG era and shown everyone just how entertaining a wrestler could be under PG restrictions.

    Sandow might just be the only person on the planet who could pull off his gimmick the way he has been able to, and that speaks to his ability as a wrestler.

    Sandow is not just great on the mic, he is also great in the ring.

    We have seen Sandow paired up with Cody Rhodes recently, but on his own he has been tested with matches against Sheamus to see if he is capable of being pushed to the top early in his career.

    Sandow has shown that he is ready and willing to do what is necessary to be a part of WWE.

    Seeing a heel make so much progress with a character in such a short time gives us hope that the PG era will not be the end of WWE.


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    These are just some of the things WWE fan have to be thankful for in 2012; please feel free to leave the things you are thankful for in WWE in the comments section.

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year. Please remember those who are less fortunate and give a buck to a bell-ringing Santa or donate a can of food or a jacket to a local shelter.

    To end this slideshow on a laugh I have provided you with one of the best and worst debuts in WWE history. The Shockmaster and this one are possibly a tie for most ridiculous debut ever.


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