Grading the Top 10 College Football Offenses Heading into Week 13

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIINovember 20, 2012

Grading the Top 10 College Football Offenses Heading into Week 13

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    The top college football offenses are prepared to do battle heading into week 13.

    Obliterating their opponents by putting up large offensive numbers while showing no mercy to anyone that waves a white flag.

    Offense is the life blood of these teams and the saying that defense wins championships holds no truth in this context.

    Some of these teams may have their ups and downs, lack of defensive play and could have even missed out on the AP Top 25. But it doesn't matter, every game is a high-scoring affair for them and that's what makes it more fun to watch.

    Time to take a look at the grades of the top ten college football offenses heading into week 13.

Nevada Wolf Pack

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    PTS/G: 38.5, Grade: B

    Nevada's rushing attack is the reason why the Wolf Pack average 38.5 points per game.

    With 263 rushing yards per game, the Wolf Pack are ranked 7th in the country and 17th overall in points per game.

    The last few weeks have seen the Wolf pack falter, mainly because of defense.

    A solid "B" shows that there is consistency on the Wolf Pack's offense, though defense is a different story.

Florida State Seminoles

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    PTS/G: 42.9, Grade: B

    The Florida State Seminoles have been pretty consistent over this college football season.

    Both defense and offensive have had their hands in the Seminoles' 10 wins this year. 

    With 42.9 points per game, the Seminoles rank seventh overall and 24th overall in rushing yards with 212 per game.

    Defense has also allowed only 13 points per game, ranking them at 5th.

    A solid "B" shows that the Seminoles have a talented offensive bunch, yet their defense is also a major factor into why games are being won.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    PTS/G: 37.1, Grade: C

    The Texas Tech Red Raiders average 37.1 points per game, which is good enough for 24th overall.

    So why are they on this list?

    The Raiders average 362 passing yards per game, which is good enough for first overall.

    Coming off a bad week at Oklahoma State in a 59-21 loss, the Raiders have shown signs of inconsistency on offense this year. This inconsistency has led to most of their losses, where they average only 20 points per loss.

    A solid "C" shows the inconsistency and the need to ramp it up before their showdown with Baylor.

Oklahoma State Cowboys

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    PTS/G: 45.4, Grade: B

    The Oklahoma State Cowboys have shined through this year as a team that can deliver an offensive punch.

    Ranking third overall with 45.4 points per game and sixth in passing yards with 337 per game, the Cowboys found that the best way to win, is to win big.

    They won Saturday against Texas Tech 59-21 in a display of offensive and even defensive ability. 

    A solid "B" shows that they need to ramp up the effort when they take on the Oklahoma Sooners this coming weekend. It also shows that two of their losses came at the hands of ranked teams, limiting their ability to produce offense.

Baylor Bears

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    PTS/G: 43.6, Grade: A

    However mediocre the Baylor Bears have been this year is a null point. A bad year yes, but the Bears have an offense that should make them proud.

    Averaging 43.6 points per game, the Bears rank fifth in the country in points and third in passing yards. To top that off, they just upset former No. 1 Kansas State in a 52-24 offensive drubbing.

    A 5-5 record could be blamed on their defense, giving up nearly as many points as they produce per game. 

    The grade is a solid "A", but only for their elite offensive abilities, everything else is a different story.

Marshall Thundering Herd

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    PTS/G: 39.3, Grade: C

    Standing at 5-6, the Marshall Thundering Herd will be looking forward the the end of this college football season.

    Inconsistency all around, whether it be in offense or defense, every time the Herd picked up a win there would be a loss right beside it.

    With 39.3 points per game the Herd rank 15th overall in the country, which isn't bad considering. The real statistic that pops out is that the Herd are second in total passing yards with 360 per game.

    Offense can come in many different ways and it seems that the Herd value the airborne strategy more than anything else.

    But with how bad the Herd have been this season, and their lack of consistency on offense in key points, a solid "C" is good enough.

Clemson Tigers

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    PTS/G: 44.6, Grade: B

    The Clemson Tigers are not a team to be messed with.

    Ranking fourth in college football with 44.6 points per game, the Tigers pride themselves on beating the snot out of other teams. Defense is not a sore point, as the Tigers are ranked 47th overall in points against per game.

    The only blemish, most of the teams the Tigers have played against are unranked. The only ranked team that they have challenged was, at the time, No. 4 Florida State. They lost that game 49-37. Needless to say, offense just wasn't enough to pull out a win.

    As the Tigers look on to next Saturday, their opponent will be No. 12 South Carolina. Surely their offense will have to shine in order to pull off the win.

Texas A&M Aggies

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    PTS/G: 43.5, Grade: B

    A really solid football team all around, but where the Texas A&M Aggies really shine is on their offense.

    This was most evident against the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team that is averaging 10.1 points against per game. The Aggies put up 29 points to take down the No. 1 ranked team, at the time, defeating them 29-24.

    The Aggies came back the next week and put up 47 points against Sam Houston State, which gives them a 9-2 record. 

    A solid "B" is deserved as the Aggies rank sixth in points per game and 14th overall in rushing yards per game.

Oregon Ducks

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    PTS/G: 51.1, Grade: B

    It's been a disappointing week for the Oregon Ducks, one that likely put an end to their BCS Title Game dreams.

    The grade is a solid "B", and that's not to say that the Ducks played bad this year. If anything, their offense was stellar all season, ranking second in the country.

    But in a high-pressure game, such as the one Saturday against the Stanford Cardinals, the Ducks failed to put up the offensive numbers that they had been so good at all year long. Scoring only 14 points and losing in overtime is the definition of a team choking under pressure. 

    Take from it what you will—this team is still an offensive powerhouse, just lacking when they needed it the most.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

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    PTS/G: 52.3, Grade: A

    There's no denying that the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs have one of the best offenses in the country with a whopping 52.3 points per game.

    Though, what they have in offense is completely opposite on their defense, which ranks 113th in the country in points against. Without their stellar offense the Bulldogs would be looking at a much worse record then 9-2.

    It can also be argued that the Bulldogs have a weak schedule considering that only one of their opponents was ranked. They played Texas A&M on Oct. 13 and lost the game 59-57. It was a highly offensive affair, but lack of a defensive strategy got the best of this team.


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