Your Best 11 Mailbag: Jon Gruden, Realignment and My Heisman Ballot

Michael Felder@InTheBleachersNational CFB Lead WriterNovember 20, 2012

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 28: Coach Jon Gruden of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers directs play against the Oakland Raiders at Raymond James Stadium on December 28, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

It's Thursday and you know what that means, the Your Best 11 Mailbag is here to answer all of your questions! Oh, wait, it's not Thursday? It's Tuesday? Well, in a special Tuesday edition of the YB11 Mailbag, thanks to the best holiday ever, we'll be answering questions early. Get excited because we talk football, coaching and skin care!

@inthebleachers How can Ke$ha solve this out of control realignment problem?

— Andrew J Abernathy (@ajabernathy) November 20, 2012

As a Ke$ha fan, I know her strong suits are going insane, throwing glitter and making it rain. She's also great at making you get them hands up, partying until it is morning time and looking for some trouble before showing you the wild side. What she is not good at is control and if something is out of control, she will not solve it.

Sidenote, she was awesome on The Today Show.


— jmnpb (@jmnpb) November 20, 2012

Terp. No Derp. They just went to the Big Ten to cure their financial ills and if Alana Thompson has taught us just one thing, it is that, "dollar make me holler." Maryland will certainly be hollering for a dollar, several millions of dollars and that helps relieve a lot of their financial stresses. Kudos to the Terps for being able to get out of a situation that was making bettering themselves difficult.

@inthebleachers Mailbag question.. is Tennessee still a top 10 or 20 job?

—Stefanie(@stefsaysgovols) November 20, 2012

Top 10? No. Top 20? Yeah, I think that's pretty fair. This is a situation where things have changed and people refuse to acknowledge the shift. When Tennessee was a top 10 job, other schools were not exactly operating at maximum capacity. Now, with South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Auburn and Alabama hanging out just a stone's throw away, the Tennessee job is a lot harder than it used to be.

All the things like money, facilities and "we're in the SEC" are still there but now they have to claw over in-state teams for players and entice guys who could get much of the same closer to home.

@inthebleachers what would your Heisman ballot look like? #YB11

— Matt P (@UMwolfpack87) November 20, 2012

Mostly a lot of scribble scrabble because I have terrible handwriting. As for names I'd probably have Manti Te'o, Marqise Lee, Jadeveon Clowney, Jarvis Jones and Braxton Miller on it. After Te'o no real order matters to me because he should probably win it. Unlike most Heisman voters, I understand that defensive players also play football, receivers can make their quarterback and it isn't always the other way around AND even if your team has a postseason ban you can be among the nation's most outstanding.

I should teach a class on this. Except no Heisman voters would sign up because we'd be spending time watching actual football.

@inthebleachers ... UVA & Va Tech up next for Big 10?

— Jeffrey Burnosky (@ZZamatev) November 20, 2012

Probably not. UVA and UNC? Maybe. Except UNC is connected at the hip to Duke and so that foils that plan. I think ultimately Virginia Tech, if they go anywhere, would be an SEC target. That'd be a good cultural fit for them and would help the SEC expand into Virginia and DC. With Maryland already in the Big Ten fold, I don't think they're pushing for more Virginia ties since they already have DC.

I think the UNC angle is an interesting one to watch.

@inthebleachers Why are people enamored with John Gruden as a college coach.

— J. William IV (@GridIron32) November 20, 2012

Man, I don't know. Probably because people watch television a lot and they see Jon Gruden's quarterback camp and Monday Night Football and that sells them on Chucky. Throw in a Super Bowl ring and the angle that he was a GA at Tennessee and they're so gaga over the prospects.

What these clowns don't see is his love for veterans, the lack of patience with quarterbacks and the fact that in college football you're dealing with the polar opposite of both of those. They see "he'll be recognizable in recruiting" and they don't see "our stud 5-star recruit that he inked now is scared to do anything because he's been brow-beaten in practice so brutally."

Although, given people's reaction to A.J. Barker and Marquess Wilson situations, they'll probably just say the kid is a soft punk and he needs to man up and get better. 

@inthebleachers: Assuming Driskel plays, and is 100% healthy, can the Gators win in Tally?

— JHall (@JHallGators) November 20, 2012

Yes. Defense and the run game travel. Driskel is going to have to be effective, but ultimately this game will boil down to stopping the run and running the football. If they can do those things, they can win. I think this is going to be the best game of the weekend.

@inthebleachers what kind of hand treatment do you recommend for dry and cracking skin? weather change has a done a number on my mitts!

— Allen Kenney (@BlatantHomerism) November 20, 2012

If you all did not know this, not only am I a college football guru but I am also pretty well versed in skin care. Personally, I like to stay moisturized at all times, as my grandma told me once, "Girls don't wanna hold no rough hands." So, to answer Allen's question, when it gets colder I go away from my light, summertime lotion and opt for a more intense product. Summers I go with Vaseline Intensive Care fast absorbing formula. Now, I'm all about the Vaseline Intensive Aloe formula. Other solids that are just winners are Lubriderm, Curel, Keri and, if you've got some serious dry skin, Eucerin.

Mix in some cocoa butter too...everyone's body needs cocoa butter.


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