South Carolina vs. Clemson: How Gamecocks D Will Make Tajh Boyd Regress

Alex RobertsCorrespondent INovember 20, 2012

I can't believe Clemson fans are excited to see this again...
I can't believe Clemson fans are excited to see this again...Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

You've heard it every year for the past three years. Clemson's going to bring an amazing offensive display against the Gamecocks, and the "Chickens" have no chance. 

And in each one of those years, the South Carolina Gamecocks defense has knocked every Tigers fan back to reality. The script for 2012 is playing out exactly the same way as 2011. The Gamecocks haven’t been playing their best ball, and Clemson looks to be some sort of offensive juggernaut.

The Clemson faithful are confident that Tajh Boyd is the greatest quarterback to play against the Gamecocks this season, and that he’s going to show the “coots” who is the boss.

However, South Carolina’s great defense will give Boyd more nightmares. Specifically, Jadeveon Clowney, Devin Taylor and the rest of the defensive line will give the Tigers nightmares. 

Clemson’s offensive line is not a great one (Boyd has been sacked 20 times this season) and the speed that the Gamecocks will bring off the edge will be impossible for the Tigers to contain. 

Clemson’s offense relies a great deal on timing. When you watch film of the Tigers, you see a quarterback who knows when his receivers break and where to place the ball.    

If Boyd does not get the time he needs, he will be unable to get into rhythm necessary to run this type of offense and this Clemson team will go nowhere. This happened last year. It should not be a surprise when it happens this year. 

Another factor that will play to the Gamecocks' favor is the defensive coordinator, Lorenzo Ward. He’s been amazing this season, and has called excellent games for the most part. He’s got a more aggressive style that will utilize the skill on defense. 

The defensive backs are talented enough to cover the receivers and the linebackers will combine with the defensive line to contain the Clemson running attack. There will be no support for Boyd.

He will have his worst game of the season against the Gamecocks.