Chris Coste's Future Could Soon Be Without Phillies

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IMarch 19, 2009

Chris Coste, the most lovable professional player in Philadelphia right now, might become the most lovable former Phillie within the next week or so. Coste, who is the man who fought his way to the major leagues to finally get a shot with the Phillies in 2006, received immortality status when the Phillies won the World Series last October.

Coste, 36, is 0-for-8 so far this spring and has been hurt with a hamstring problem, which usually means bad things. Ronny Paulino, the other catcher fighting for the back-up catcher role has not blown away Coste in the stat category, but at least has some numbers to show. Paulino is 4-for-20 (.200) with two RBI this spring.

Anyone who knows baseball knew that once Paulino was signed, the Phillies were looking for a replacement for Coste, but what goes in Coste's favor is that the manager and the organization know what they got with the 36-year-old. Coste batted .288 with 21 homers and 90 RBI in 211 career major-league games.

"To start out spring training with an injury, it's a brutal way to start out," he said. "Coming into spring training, I knew I had to do well. Missing time with a hamstring didn't help my case. I don't know what the decision process will be. I really don't."

Charlie Manuel basically says its Coste's job to lose.

"Costey's been here three years and done pretty good for us," Manuel said. "I'd say it's his job until somebody takes it over, whatever that means. I know what Costey can do."

Coste has dealt with competition all his life. This is another obstacle he will try and overcome, but at some point father time will catch up and the production won't be there, and somebody will have to take over your spot. this could be that time.

Quotes: Courier Post