Wrestlemania 25 (the Winners)

dexterjames cavadaContributor IMarch 19, 2009

I had a dream...and the dream was about men in their leather pants. And there oily skin. And then I woke-up I realized that my dream was about the comming WRESTLEMANIA 25. I can't wait for that. Too bad I already know the winners. You want to know? Ok, I will tell you.


There was a time when Matt was cool. Too bad we all forgot that time. And in Wrestlemania, the winners are always the cool ones. Jeff will win because he is cool.

HBK vs The Undertaker

A dead man will win...The Heart Break kid can't break the 'Taker's heart because he has no Heart, he only has Resting in Peace to give to all the foolish souls. So the Deadman will win. (HBK is also dead in the inside so maybe he will have a chance.)

DIVAS Battle Royal

I don't know who won in this battle because my dream was a little bit blurry when it came to this part. This is because my dreams have censors on it, but I think I saw a lot of puppies. What the hell? A girl with big puppies won. Is this good enough for you?

HHH VS Randy Orton

This main event started off with fireworks and people cheered for HHH, and they booed Randy Orton. In the end, Edge won. I don't know why this happened, I really can't understand dreams..

Cena Vs Big Show Vs Edge

Everything is big in Texas, and so is the Big Show, but he won't win because not everything big in Texas will win. Cena will win, but wait...I woke up and realized it was all a nightmare.

So when I got back to sleep, I dreamed of Wrestlemania again and Edge won. What a relief. So Edge is the WWE champ and the world champ.

And as of the rest of the matches, I forgot them. But I saw someone open a can of woop-ass on Jericho. It was cool.. yeah it was cool. So cool... eah...amazing