Enough with the 'Roids

MikeContributor IMarch 19, 2009

I'm sure to get some negative comments here, but here goes...

MLB is doing its thing with drug testing, and that's a good thing. They saw the problem and are trying to fix it...With no help from the guy in charge, Selig. He pretty much knew about this for years, but the long ball was making baseball more popular, so he rode on the bandwagon, cheering Sosa and McGwire on their race to breaking Maris' record.

Now we have Bonds, a great ball player and probable HoFer without the home runs, doing what any other player in the history of baseball has ever done..whatever they can to make them better players.

Sure Bonds was probably on the "juice" after it was against the rules but why should he be the scape goat for everyone in the past 15-20 yrs. that used 'roids?

And my biggest gripe about this...I am a Red Sox fan, 100 percent since 1974, so I'm also a Yankee hater, but this whole A-Rod thing just ain't right.

He did an anonymous drug test and the results were supposed to be destroyed back in 2003; they were just to gauge steroid use and now the results become public??

A-Rod did right by admitting and apologizing under the circumstances but even though he doesn't need the money he should sue the living SH** outta the players union for not destroying the test results back in '03 like they promised, and then he should find out how the Sporting News got the results and sue the heck outta them.

And as far as some other players go, the trainers seem to be the "bad guys" here. The players are supposed to rely on them to keep them in shape and do what's best for them. Did Roger Clemens know that the needle his trainer was giving him was an illegal drug or did he trust him thinking that he was the trainer looking out for him?