Sheamus Not Becoming the Big Superstar That WWE Had Hoped

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst INovember 19, 2012


Fans who have been praying for a heel turn from John Cena received a bit of good news not too long ago when it was revealed that Sheamus was being groomed for that top babyface spot. Unfortunately for WWE, though, those plans are not going as smoothly as they had hoped.

First and foremost, Sheamus is a hard-working performer. Not only does he do all of the extra curricular activities (media appearances, charity work, etc) for WWE, he also keeps himself out of legal trouble and continues to improve in every aspect as a wrestler.

However, something just isn't clicking yet.

His two latest programs (Alberto Del Rio and Big Show) have been well worked, but they've been labeled as "dull" by the fans. Both of those feuds have been good enough to headline the pay-per-view events, but fans have brushed them off as afterthoughts. 

The WWE writers have spent some time and energy on his character. There was a very enjoyable segment not too long ago where he stole Alberto Del Rio's car and drove it around San Antonio, but that wasn't enough to sway the fans into completely buying into Sheamus.

There's now even talks that WWE has plans in place to elevate Randy Orton back into the top spot on Smackdown. If Sheamus takes a back seat to him again, then that would further bring down his stock in the eyes of the fans.

As well as he has performed, it's hard to imagine Sheamus being accepted as the centerpiece on Monday Night Raw. In the eyes of the fans, he's still a notch below CM Punk, John Cena and maybe even Ryback now, and that's really unfair considering the work that he's put in.


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