5 Countries the UFC Should Visit in the Next Two Years

Steven Muehlhausen@@fightclubchiContributor IIINovember 19, 2012

5 Countries the UFC Should Visit in the Next Two Years

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    UFC president Dana White gets asked all the time by the fans when is the UFC going to this country and this country. The UFC under the Zuffa banner has made enormous strides all around the world.

    The UFC has been to Canada, England, Ireland, Japan and, most recently, China, to just name a few. The UFC can be seen in about 150 countries around the world.

    Which countries will the UFC venture to in the next two years? Let's take a look and see five possible destinations where the UFC could be heading.


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    The UFC hit the Asian market hard in 2012. The organization returned to Japan for UFC 144 in February, and UFC on Fuel TV 6 nine days ago was the UFC's debut in China.

    Both events were deemed huge successes, and after the Fuel show, the UFC announced they struck a deal to partner up with MNC Media, which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    The country is the fourth-largest in the world with a population of roughly 238 million people, which puts them directly behind the United States.

    With the deal done with MNC, which has about 40 percent of the Indonesian TV market, we should be seeing UFC shows in Indonesia in the very near future.


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    You think MMA, France wouldn't be a place you would think of. France to a lot of people is the country of love, with everyone always talking about how beautiful it is, especially Paris.

    The UFC, though, has made a lot of headway in France. In 2009, they struck a deal RTL9 to air UFC content.

    According to UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta in a report back in March, they are close to having a show in the country. At the time, the country was wanting a federation to oversee rules and regulations and getting recognized by the Sports Ministry.


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    In a country where cricket is the most popular sport, you would think the UFC would never go there. Once again, the UFC proves us wrong.

    In September, the UFC announced The Ultimate Fighter would be taking place in India in 2013.

    India has the second-biggest population in the world with over 1.2 billion people residing in the country.

    The organization also announced that they had agreed to a deal with SONY SIX, which will produce and show the episodes. The UFC, though, hasn't stated whether we will see an event in the country following the season.


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    A question people ask UFC president Dana White often is, when will the UFC go to Mexico?

    Mexico is the only North American country that the UFC hasn't gone too. With the success of boxing, the UFC in Mexico should be a no-brainer.

    You have stars like Tito Ortiz, Diego Sanchez and Cain Velasquez who are Mexican-American fighters. If Velasquez regains the heavyweight championship from Junior Dos Santos at UFC 155, a UFC show in Mexico should be there in the very near future.


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    The fight public would never think the UFC would go to Russia due the organization and Fedor Emelianenko not being able to agree to a deal.

    UFC president Dana White stated in July that a UFC show could be heading to the country in the near future. It makes plenty of sense for the UFC to go there. It is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's land area, and ninth-largest country in the world in terms of population.

    Could the UFC land Emelianenko if they come to Russia? Maybe we will find out sooner than we think.

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