Tom Brady Boggles the Mind in Newest Ugg for Men Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Making a football team now comes complete with a pair of Ugg slippers and bro punch from Tom Brady

While the former is pretty sweet, the latter proves to be more bizarre than we would have thought. What in the name of a Gronk is going on here?

Follow along with me as we break down 30 seconds of video that had us scratching our heads and wondering if we had just been Keyser Soze-ed. 

A football player waits in a deserted locker room and sees a note on a nearby table. It most likely reads, "See coach. Bring playbook," as we see the same note on another locker. 

It's basically the same sub-plot from Major League when Willie Hayes, Jake Taylor and Rick Vaughn try to stave off getting red carded, because it means you died and went to the minors. 

Only this moment is darker and features slippers. 

Our hero, who wasn't good enough at football to assume he just made the team, finds out that he not only made the roster, he got a pair of Uggs.

Sweet deal. 

Then comes in Tom Brady, who looks like he just fell of the stylist chair. He sidles up to the new recruit and gives him dap for making the team. 

If it ended there, we would have still wanted some Uggs and moved on with life. Only Brady gives a bro punch and specifies, "For now."

What then takes place is two seconds of awkward that really should have our hero question whether he wants to play on a team dominated by such capriciousness, albeit capriciousness with style. 

On the flip side, we were greeted with this frantic commercial when Ugg rolled out its swagtastic men's line. Who new a manic Tom Brady could be so marketable? Though Mos Def helps a great deal. 

Then there was Brady playing invisible football and getting his image plastered all over Manhattan. All of those I get. 

They make sense and and don't make my head hurt. 


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