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Debate: What Grade Does Stafford Deserve for His Performance This Year?

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Debate: What Grade Does Stafford Deserve for His Performance This Year?
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Matt Stafford has had an up and down year.  Does the blame lie with him, or elsewhere?


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Stafford has been off his game a little this season but I put alot more blame on the coaching staff. I admit that the pick 6 hurt but not scoring on t...
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PEople are getting so down on Stafford when MOST of the bad throws from him being off balane and from his back foot are because THE O-LINE IS MASSIVEL...
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if it was not for linehans HORRIBLE play calling I think Stafford would get an A but since the 2 go hand in hand i would say a B-! He has been eratic,...
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I agree with the first half, but the defense has been pretty good/great considering injuries to secondary. Linebackers are good, D-line under performi...
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I'd say a B-. He's been inconsistent and made some bad decisions, but at the same time his supporting cast has got to take some responsibility. All ...
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