Metta World Peace Hits Jeremy Lin with Flagrant-Looking 'Inadvertent' Forearm

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Metta World Peace continues to spread the love in the form of swinging his arms that manage to catch NBA stars in the face. 

Maybe we should have seen this coming, since the last time MWP was catching flack for hitting an opponent in the face, James Harden was the one picking himself up off the ground. 

Now it's his teammate, Jeremy Lin

What we saw on Sunday night was possibly the most flagrant-looking "inadvertent" forearm of all time. The announcers try to break down whether this forearm was thrown on purpose, with the jury split as a replay is shown. 

Either World Peace is prone to fits of pirouettes any time he drives to the basket, or he was trying to teach Jeremy Lin a lesson. 

The lesson here is simple: Never trust Metta World Peace. 

I can't deny that there is a huge soft spot in my heart for this guy, who is hilarious, both intentionally and otherwise, far more often than not. 

However, even I will admit there is a great deal of crazy rattling around that noggin, and it spills over at times. 

When it happens, you don't want to be within arm's reach of the man. 

Be careful, because World Peace has nearly perfected the move to fool 50 percent of the men watching and calling the game from the broadcast booth. 

Soon, he will be unstoppable. 

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