Pretenders and Contenders Through NFL Week 11

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OK. Let's get this out of the way.

I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong when it comes to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts being ready to contend with the better teams in the league. 

After watching the Colts get beat down by the New England Patriots, I remembered why I was skeptical about this team to begin with. I remembered how Luck, as good as he already is, is still a rookie. I remembered that outside of Reggie Wayne, there is a lot of young inconsistent talent to which Luck can throw the ball (though I still think Dwayne Allen is one of the more promising rookies in the league...).

And I remembered what a dumpster fire the Colts secondary is. You can't seriously be a contender if your offense is so inconsistent and you have major issues against the pass on defense. 

In the video above, I look at my misfire on the Colts and break down four other teams that are currently straddling the line between contender and pretender. 

Let me know in the comments below where you agree or disagree and give us the names of some other teams that you think may be fooling us with strong play in late November and those that you think may be faltering now but will right the ship heading into the home stretch in December. 

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