Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Bobcats: A Sure Win for the Bucks?

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As my friend and Milwaukee Bucks beat writer Gery Woelfel wrote in a recent e-mail, “Better jump on the Bucks bandwagon before it gets too crowded” (or words to that effect).

Gery is right. There’s more than a little excitement in Wisconsin over the Bucks’ 6-2 start in the 2012-13 NBA season that has them sitting atop the NBA Central Division, 1.5 games ahead of the Chicago Bulls.

I’m not suggesting that the Bucks' great start will take away attention from the Green Bay Packers' playoff run in the NFL, but it sure is nice to have another professional sports team here in Wisconsin to get excited about in the month of November.

Tonight’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats may be as close to a “sure win" as the Bucks will have. The Bucks have won 11 of the last 16 games played between the two teams. But in looking at career win-loss marks, the Bucks have their franchise-best record against the Bobcats. The Bucks are 20-8 against Charlotte, a .714 winning percentage. The Bobcats are the only team against which the Bucks have a winning percentage of .700 or better.

Here’s a quick look at the teams that the Bucks have the best records against in their history.


Opponent, Bucks Record

1. Charlotte 20-8 .714

2. Toronto 42-22 .656

3. Golden State 77-46 .626

4. L.A. Clippers 61-42 .592

5. Sacramento 78-54 .591

6tie. Cleveland 111-77 .590

6tie. Washington 11-77 .590

8. Dallas 36-25 .590


At the other end of the spectrum, there are three teams in which the Bucks have won less than 40 percent of their games. Topping the list are the Los Angeles Lakers, against whom the Bucks are 45-77, a .369 winning percentage. Next are the Miami Heat, against whom the Bucks have a record of 33-54, a .379 winning percentage. The other team is the Denver Nuggets. The Bucks are only 32-49 against them, a .395 winning percentage.

Let’s go back to teams that have great success against one or more opponents. One thing about being a traditionally bad team like the Charlotte Bobcats franchise is that there are more than a few teams that have beaten up on the Bobcats since they entered the NBA fold in 2004. In their eight seasons in the league, the Bobcats have won only 36 percent of their games, winning 233 and losing 415. They have had only one winning season in their history.


Here’s a look at which NBA teams have won 70 percent or more of their games against one or more opponents.

Atlanta: None
Boston: Charlotte 21-7 (.750); L.A. Clippers 84-32 (.724)
Brooklyn: Charlotte 21-9 (.700)
Charlotte: None
Chicago: None
Cleveland: Charlotte 20-8 (.714)
Dallas: Charlotte 16-1 (.941); Memphis 51-15 (.773)
Denver: None
Detroit: Toronto 45-19 (.703)
Golden State: None
Houston: None
Indiana: None
L.A. Clippers: None
L.A. Lakers: Toronto 25-6 (.806); Minnesota (67-21 (.761); Dallas 101-32 (.759); Brooklyn 56-19 (.747); L.A. Clippers 143-50 (.741); Memphis 46-17 (.730); Indiana 55-21 (.724); New Orleans 44-17 (.721)
Memphis: None
Miami: None
Milwaukee: Charlotte 20-8 (.714)
Minnesota: None
New Orleans Hornets: Charlotte 12-5 (.706)
N.Y. Knicks: None
Oklahoma City: Minnesota 65-25 (.722); Memphis 46-19 (.708)
Orlando: Charlotte 23-9 (.719)
Philadelphia: None
Phoenix: Toronto 23-8 (.742); Memphis 46-17 (.730)
Portland: Brooklyn 54-20 (.730); Minnesota 64-26 (.711); Toronto 22-9 (.710)
Sacramento: None
San Antonio: Charlotte 13-2 (.867); L.A. Clippers 115-31 (.788); Memphis 51-16 (.761); Minnesota 69-25 (.734); Toronto 23-9 (.719)
Toronto: None
Utah: Toronto 24-8 (.750); Memphis 46-18 (.719)
Washington: None

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