WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: What I Loved, Hated

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: What I Loved, Hated

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    Survivor Series was a predictable, yet productive, pay-per-view that did not live up to its heritage-enriched billing. 

    Storylines progressed and rising stars were protected from one degree to the next, and while Survivor Series did maintain its novelty with two traditional elimination tag team matches, the pay-per-view was not without some peculiar moments.  

LOVED: Bonus Survivor Series Elimination Match

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    The Survivor Series Elimination match pitting Team Rey against Team Tensai, if that's who the captain was, served as a great start to the show. 

    While the match was not on par with the exciting high-flying contest on RAW featuring similar competitors, it still had its share of crowd-pleasing moments and a comparatively crowd-pleasing finish.  

HATED: Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

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    Not only was the match slow and plodding, but Antonio Cesaro is being exposed as more of a one-dimensional character with each passing week.  Given his immense talent, WWE creative couldn't do better than another cookie-cutter foreigner who hates America? 

    There's no telling how many times Cesaro's monologues have been slightly modified on Microsoft Word before they fell in his lap. 

LOVED: Sheamus vs. Big Show

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    The match was nothing special as these two have already set the bar incredibly high, but this was one of those rare cases where a disqualification made sense. 

    With the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view on deck in December, the entertaining feud between Big Show and Sheamus will likely be blown off then in a Chairs Match. 

HATED: Dolph Ziggler's No-Show

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    Not that I expected Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Survivor Series, as I articulated in my latest debate with Justin LaBar, but it's perplexing that the WWE insists on booking spots where a world champion has been beaten down only for the Money in the Bank winner to remain backstage. 

    Sheamus beating up Big Show with a chair, with no follow-up from Ziggler, makes Ziggler look foolish for not taking advantage of an obvious opportunity.  With the WWE continuing to take a passive attitude towards promoting Ziggler as a Money in the Bank winner, pretty soon the eventual payoff will not matter. 

LOVED: Dolph Ziggler, Sole Survivor

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    Mick Foley was not as instrumental in this match as I had thought, but Dolph Ziggler earned a meaningful victory with a clean win over Randy Orton.  I've never been a Dolph Ziggler guy, (to me he's just a dude who can work, but has a palpable ceiling) but if this is the direction the WWE wants to take with their 32-year-old veteran star, at least they went about it effectively. 

HATED: Michael Cole

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    Michael Cole is so miserable as a broadcaster that even as a babyface, he's an antagonizing agitator.  As I stated on my Twitter account, Cole was more interested in trolling JBL than paying attention to the action in the ring. 

    Instead of working with the heel announcer in character, as Gorilla Monsoon used to do so well with Jesse Ventura or Bobby Heenan, he seemed to insist on awkwardly poking logical holes in Bradshaw's color commentary off the cuff.

    Heel commentary is supposed to be logically flawed, and while it's the play-by-play man's duty to keep them honest, what Michael Cole was doing was instigation. 

HATED: Another Shady Finish for Ryback

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    The WWE continues to damage Ryback's stock early into his mega-push, as they once again shot a finish where the mighty challenger was "protected" with a screw-job finish.  

    It has become obvious that the WWE did not have any type of organized path to a Punk-Rock dream match, and while Ryback is getting a taste of prime time, his credibility as a top draw will continue to suffer if fans expect him to be screwed at every turn. 

    Look for a more in-depth analysis of this growing problem later tonight.