13 Most Accepting Fanbases in the NHL

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13 Most Accepting Fanbases in the NHL
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Hockey fans have a reputation as being the most fervent and passionate of all four of the major team sports in North America.

But among all hockey fans, which bunch is the most supportive of their team? It's easy to sell out the arena when your team is winning Stanley Cups, but what about when your team misses the playoffs a few years in a row?

Here is a list of the top 13 most accepting fan bases in the NHL. These are the fans that support their team, win or lose, and show up in big numbers, selling out buildings through thick and thin.

Winnipeg Jets fans, sorry to say that, while you're dedicated, I didn't put you on the list because you've only been back in the NHL for one season. A few years later and with continued support, Winnipeg very likely will be a contender. Past performance indicates they will support their team.

Feel free to mention any I may have missed, but please say why you feel that team belongs on the list.


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