Survivor Series 2012: Signs of Ruthless Aggression

Pedro SuarezCorrespondent IIINovember 19, 2012

This year, Survivor Series carried a punch.

My predictions, for the most part, survived the night. But before I get into specifics, I should provide some background for this article. 

It has become a monthly tradition of mine to watch WWE pay-per-views at the local bar with friends here in New York City. Unfortunately, I was not able to participate this month due to a previous engagement. But thanks to modern technology, I was able to start watching Survivor Series on my smart phone.

Survivor Series started with a bang. The bonus survivor-style tag match was a real treat. Tyson Kidd really got an opportunity to show off his skills. Overall, a feel-good match with the good guys coming out on top.

The Divas match was also very engaging. These days, it isn't often that the WWE allows the women's division to demonstrate its potential. Although I was relatively confident that Kaitlyn would come out with the win, the WWE felt that Eve could last a bit longer as one of the top female heels.

No complaints here: it is my hope that the Divas division will continue to gain some momentum. 

In the United States title match, both superstars did not disappoint. Antonio Cesaro dished out some aggressive maneuvers, and R-Truth shined as he fired back with offense of his own. R-Truth wasn't the winner tonight, as I predicted, but Cesaro continues to build momentum as one of the top champions.

This can only be good, as it adds prestige and meaning to the US Championship.

As it came time for the World Heavyweight title bout, I was on my way home (still viewing Survivor Series on my phone).  As I'm watching the event on public transportation, my phone starts warning me that it doesn't have much battery power left. I was a bit worried.

The World Heavyweight match was the one that I was most looking forward to, as it had the most build on the card. Fortunately, my phone's battery lasted enough to get me through most of the momentum-shifting moments of the match—what an electric chair drop! The strength and endurance of both Sheamus and Big Show has really turned their feud into one of the best that I've seen in some time.

Big Show, through nefarious means, was able to go home with his title, but this feud has shaped up nicely for WWE's next event, Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC).  Fortunately, this pay-per-view will be taking place at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and I'll be there live with timely updates.

When it came time for the "real" Survivor Series match, I'd made it home in time to start watching the event from my laptop. And that was a good thing, because this match was especially action-packed.

Every superstar was on his game, particularly Miz and Dolph Ziggler. In a highly entertaining match with a surprise ending, Survivor Series delivered. As I had also suspected, Team Ziggler would come out on top, although not directly, arguably, thanks to Team Hell No.

The main event made me nervous. I was expecting it to be a lousy disappointment, and not because I expected CM Punk to win. I think it's safe to say that 365 days just made sense from a storyline perspective.

I was uncertain about the main event because I wasn't confident that it would play out as a real triple threat. I had a feeling that one superstar (Ryback) would likely be taken out early on and it would just turn into CM Punk vs. Cena Part 40.

But I was pleasantly surprised with a match that had legitimate back-and-forth, where each superstar was given the opportunity to shine and show off their offense and defense.  

Everyone should have expected controversy, but the controversy that viewers got actually made sense. Ryback, a former NXT member, was viciously assaulted by current NXT superstars. CM Punk, once their former leader, alluded to a potential regime storyline, with NXT members as his enforcers.

In the week ahead, Ryback now gets an opportunity to rebel against Punk's regime, in a feud that resembles that of Triple H and Batista. Do I smell a real storyline?

I had previously written that this Survivor Series, for the most part, made a poor attempt at building the pay-per-view as a game-changer.

However, I was pleasantly surprised that this event demonstrated a return to a more aggressive style of wrestling that I haven't seen for some time. With a real cliffhanger, RAW should attract some solid ratings this Monday night.  

What was your favorite moment of Survivor Series?