WWE Survivor Series 2012 Results: Eve Beats Kaitlyn, and What It Means

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 18, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

At WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view, challenger Kaitlyn came up short in her quest to win WWE gold, falling to Divas champion Eve Torres after being hit by a vicious neckbreaker for the one-two-three.

The match itself, sadly, wasn't great. Oh, sure, Kaitlyn—clad in a new, wacky in-ring outfit—made some sterling efforts to ramp up the intensity, including screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting Eve with some vicious kicks in the early stages, but the bout lacked any technical proficiency, sans some cool submission holds from the Divas champion.

Honestly, the whole thing came off as more of a sloppy brawl than anything.

On the bright side, it was given more time than most women's matches are in WWE and was made to seem somewhat important.

But what does the end of the match mean?

Well, first of all, the result may indicate that management lack faith in newcomer Kaitlyn to carry the division as Divas champion. Considering her (mediocre) matches on television over the last few months, it's perfectly understandable if they do feel this way. While Kaitlyn, who came into wrestling after a career in modelling, tries hard, she still struggles in the ring and is not someone you would want with the title for this reason.

This isn't to say Kaitlyn can't go anywhere in WWE. After all, she's a stunningly good looking woman and has a unique kind of bubbly charisma that translates well to fans. She remains an immensely likable Diva in a division filled with stale and generic characters. And, who knows, in time, she may improve, similar to fitness model-turned-wrestler Trish Stratus who developed tremendously as a wrestler during her years in WWE. But for now, at least, Kaitlyn lacks the skill set to be a true player in the women's division. Her loss here serves to cement this fact.

The result also indicates management continuing to throw their weight behind Eve, one of the few stars to emerge from the company's struggling women's division over the last couple of years.

Since turning earlier this year in her romance angle with Zack Ryder, the talented, charismatic Eve plays the heel act to perfection. In her role as Assistant SmackDown GM, she's been shown to be deceitful, conniving and two-faced, regularly sabotaging the efforts of Teddy Long and Booker T and anyone else who is in her way.

The fans can't stand her and are keen to see her get her comeuppance. In fact, I'd be so bold as to say no Diva has gotten over so strongly as a heel since Vickie Guerrero. And she was resented, too. The fans booed her heavily after she picked up the victory here.

At some point, Eve will get her just desserts. Maybe even at the hands of AJ Lee, WWE's top babyface Diva, who has just made her return to the ring after a stint as Raw GM. The two have had issues in the past, after all. Or maybe some girl on SmackDown—like Natalya or Alicia Fox—will tire of taking orders from her and set out to be her next babyface challenger. Who knows?

Regardless, tonight made one thing clear: Eve's reign of terror over the Divas Division is only just getting started.