Ranking LeBron James' Possible Motives to Get NBA Title No. 2

Brendan Bowers@@BowersCLEContributor IINovember 19, 2012

Ranking LeBron James' Possible Motives to Get NBA Title No. 2

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    LeBron James needed to win an NBA championship last year unlike any other player in the league. By season's end, he did specifically that.

    But even after winning his first ring in emphatic fashion, there are still plenty of reasons for James to be motivated for title number two. 

    LeBron carved out his place as the league's best player last year. Winning a second championship would further secure that position amongst his peers.

    It would also go a long way towards cementing his legacy on the all-time list of NBA greats.

    Besides that, on a more personal level, winning title number two would help validate James' decision to join the Miami Heat in the first place. The multiple championships won would do so for not only himself, but also his teammates as well as his family.

No. 5: Staying on Top of the Game

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    Going wire-to-wire as the NBA's MVP last season, while winning his first championship, secured LeBron's place as the league's best player.

    He might not win his fourth MVP this season, but he doesn't have to in order to defend that position. LeBron can maintain his spot as the leagues's best player on the strength of winning title number two alone this season.

    If he doesn't win that though, there is a chance he could risk relinquishing his 'best player in the game' title to somebody else. 

    Especially if Kevin Durant is that somebody else who wins his first title in the meantime.

No. 4: Cementing His Legacy

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    There are a whole lot of All-Stars who have won an NBA championship.

    That number becomes significantly smaller, however, when highlighting only those stars who have won twice. Once able to reach the level of four titles from there, a group of only 26 players to have ever done so is then entered. 

    Simple math tells us that to get to four titles you need to win two first. Kobe Bryant (5) and Tim Duncan (4) are the only active players in the game right now to have won four championships.

    But we're talking about two titles for the moment, which is LeBron's next logical step.

    His legacy requires him to be a player who has won multiple championships. The debate can continue from there as to exactly how many, but he will certainly need at least two.

No 3: Pride and Validation

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    LeBron James is a student of the game. He understands that a three-time MVP combined with two perennial All-Stars, for a period of at least four years, should equate to more than just one championship.

    Anything less than two is a failure.

    LeBron could've eventually won an NBA title in Cleveland. He wouldn't have had to put himself through everything that came with the reaction to his decision on July 8, 2010 if he had simply done that.  

    Deep down, I expect James is aware of this, too.

    Putting himself through all that and coming out with only one title was not the idea when he first made the move to Miami.

No. 2: Winning for His Teammates

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    When LeBron teamed up with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, the end goal was multiple championships.

    Not just one.

    Wade, for example, had already done that much himself.

    Bosh left the Toronto Raptors to form this partnership while James left Cleveland. Wade, meanwhile, decided to share the South Beach spotlight with each of his new teammates.

    For it all to be worthwhile, multiple championships are needed.

    Heading into this season, Bosh, Wade and James combine to have 23 All-Star appearances between them.

    History will look back and wonder how a trio like that was unable able to win bigger if LeBron and company can't win title number two this season.

No. 1: Winning for His Family

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    LeBron moved the center of his family's universe from Northeast Ohio to Miami, Florida in deciding to join the Miami Heat.

    There are times he used to spend with his family that he no longer can because of that decision.

    Besides being away from his family, he also did sever relationships in and around their home of Akron, Ohio by spurning the Cleveland Cavaliers in the fashion he did.

    His family was forced to feel all that to various degrees. 

    If he makes that move to win multiple championships, it just might be worth everything they went through to get it. If James is only able to win one, however, it's all maybe more trouble than it's worth.